NFL Wildcard Weekend

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There were some pretty intense games this past weekend for the NFL Playoff wildcard games. It also sets things up for some really great playoff games in the coming weeks. I can hardly believe that the Superbowl is less than a month away. It seems like just the other day my fantasy season was starting.

With the exception of the Eagles/Seahawks game I think every single game was pretty fantastic. Who saw the outcome of the Houston/Buffalo game? That thing was back and forth the whole game. I haven't watched much of either team most of the season, but it really was a fantastic matchup.

The fact that two of the four games this past weekend were decided in overtime should give you a pretty good idea of how intense it was. I still think that the NFL needs to move closer to the college overtime format. Thankfully, you can't just win the game by driving the ball forty yards and kicking a field goal.

In my opinion the other team not getting a chance if the team that wins the toss scores a touchdown is still a slap in the face. Games are won on both sides of the ball, so not giving the offense and defense and equal opportunity to play in overtime is a shame.

Show of hands, who saw the outcome of the Titans/Patriots game? I know that Brady has had off games in the past, but he is usually able to rise to the occasion and pull out a win when it counts. That wasn't the case in this match-up.

I was about out of my chair for the end of the Vikings/Saints game. What a way to win. That throw to the corner of the end zone was probably one of the most perfect passes Cousins has thrown all season. Unless you count the long pass a couple plays before that to Theilen. Sure, there might have been a little shove off in the end zone, but the officials didn't even bother reviewing it.

One thing is for sure, the wild card games are going to make for some interesting matchups in the next round of the playoffs.

Personally, I see San Francisco taking care of Minnesota, Green Bay beating Seattle (mostly because the officials love them), Kansas City will beat Houston and Baltimore will knock out Tennessee. Those are my picks and I am sticking with them!



New England fan here and I admit even at the start of the game I kind of sense they were going to lose. I think Brady lost his mental toughness after Belichick made the team punt on 4th down on several occasions. I know it is very risky with 4th down conversions but they did not even try. They relied on the defense which got worn out in the end. Good game by the Titans though. Well deserve win.

It is nice to see the Titans do so well. The fans have been wanting it for a long time down there. It is also surprising not to see the Patriots in the playoffs. They are just an institution really. My wife's cousin played for them for a year or two. We got to watch them in a preseason game against the Lions.

from a completely non-objective point of view I hope the Packers advance. Because they are the only team not owned by some massive corporation I want them to do well. Plus, that stadium... it's like stepping back in time.

They may not be owned by a big corporation, but they totally have the officials in their back pockets :) I have seen so many horrible calls in their favor over the past couple of years. Of course most of them were at the expense of my Lions, but that is beside the point :)

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