That's not creepy at all...

in amazon •  6 months ago 

I was watching this video by The King of Random on my phone yesterday:

Interesting video, cool idea, whatever, right? Well! I have not searched out food dehydrators on Amazon or any other site. I don't think I've ever done that. Made a purchase on Amazon this morning, stuff for my #3dprinter. What do I see on the page?


James Franco wait what.gif

I wasn't signed in to Amazon on any of my computers at the time. Hell, my desktop was shut down in that room, and I was watching it on my phone! One that has not signed in to Amazon, either!

Should I start making a tinfoil hat?

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Its actually google doing this on any computer you have connected to your google account now shares the ad cookies as they copy them and sync them across all your devices

But that's the thing. I watched the video on my phone, in the YouTube app, where Amazon is not connected. I placed the order on my work computer, miles away from where I watched the video.

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