The Case of the Teleporting Snails

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Good morning, everyone!

During my walks, it's very common to find snails along the way. They are usually hanging down the walls or above them, but always close to some vegetation, be it corn fields, forests... or small gardens.


However, sometimes these little guys decide to risk their lives by crossing the road very, very slowly... and they end up being smashed under cars or shoes. They are so small and camouflaged that we end up killing some of them completely by accident. 😢

To balance things a little bit, whenever I find one of these guys trying to cross a road, I usually pick it up and "teleport" it to the other side.


That's precisely what happened to this big fellow: one second he was crossing the road, on the next he was up the wall among his mates. 😊


He probably was a bit confused after being teleported so quickly to his destination. I wonder what was going on in his head. 🤔

But hey, it's better to be confused than dead... Right?


He didn't took a long time to calm down. Since I placed him so near to his neighbours, he quickly came out of his house to check them out.


Just a few steps ahead I saw another snail trying to cross the street and, once more, I picked him up and I placed him on the nearest wall, next to his friends.


Here he is, surrounded by 3 of his closest mates.


There were a few more in the neighbourhood... As you can see, there were 7 snails on this little space - counting with the one I moved. 😃


Well, these are the photos representing my amazing nature, I find these little animals very interesting, with their long shaped eyes and their nomad lifestyle... It's like they are born inside their own RVs and they get to travel the world - without ever needing to build a home, a nest or even rent a small hut. This is... freedom. 🤠

I hope you enjoyed these photos and my post.

This is my entry for the Amazing Nature Contest by @adalger. Follow the link, if you wish to participate as well!

CameraSamsung Galaxy A70
LocationVilar - Vila do Conde, Portugal
Photos8 (Untouched)


Gives a new meaning to snail trail. 👍🏿 I’m a big fan of this alternative, @trincowski, other that the one that involves an open mouth and a trail down the throat—I heard humans do that, too. Something about an automobile S-car or something.

They don't appear to be very tasty. Ugh. 😣

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To be honest, I don't know what to say. Err, at least these little animals make you happy, that's the most important thing.

Aahhahah! You don't like these little creatures?

I sure did enjoy these Amazing nature snails , and that little yellow one, he is cute ( i guess he is a he ) oh and we -only have them in the warmer days.
Did you know that snails and their slimme are used in make up very often

I won't even try to guess if they are males or females. I hope it's a mixed bunch or else it will be a boring party! 🤣

Did you know that snails and their slimme are used in make up very often

I had no idea. That's incredible...

Thanks for your visit!

Don't you know? They are both male and female at the same time.

No, I had no clue about that. I can't decide if that's handy or just plain disgusting. Ahahahhaha! 😃

Man, did you eat one of them Snails, man? 😊

No, I left them all alive and well! 😃

Exactly! It is better to be confused than dead. He was lucky you found him and put to safety.

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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

That is an amazing little photoshot ^^ .. I am glad that you are offering your great teleporting service for those freedom Junkies ;)

Thanks. I've been meaning to enter your contest for weeks. I've finally did it! 😉

hahaha! I do that too! I pick few lucky ones to help them cross the road or move off pedestrian's way. Lovely post @trincowski.

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Thanks, @lady-idra! I saved a few lives already! ☺️

I almost miss all the snails I had in my garden in England - even though they were such pests. They'd seem to totally disappear during the dry periods only to come back with a vengeance the moment it rains again!

Why do you think they are pests? Do they destroy your crops or anything like that?

Actually, they do. They (esp those large garden snails) will decimate (or worse) any salad crop you might want to grow.

Wow. Well, I guess they need to eat, too. 🙄

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ohhh you so kind. I used to pick up those snails too/when I was a kid, or just simply avoid stepping on them/now.

I hate it when I kill one by accident. 😞

A lot of snails On the trail
Easy to step on them
I often come across
I will Help them cross the road

Nice. We got to help the animals!

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