Feathered Friends: Chickadee

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My entry to @featheredfriends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 8 announced by @nelinoeva and hosted by @melinda010100.

The peanuts I put out for the Blue jays have attracted this cute little black capped chickadee.

Here the little bird is with a whole peanut in his mouth.

The peanuts are lined up on the deck railing as a treat for the Blue jays when the temperature drops below freezing.


The chickadees stay around all year. I seemed to have captured this one in mid-air or is he jumping for joy to get the peanuts before the Blue jays.


Mostly the chickadees stay in the forest but I will hear their song, “Chick-a dee-dee-dee” when walking there. This little one comes looking for food when we start getting the colder temperatures in winter.

This photo for soaring contest.


I do leave bird seeds out for the birds but this cute little black and white bird with the large head and tiny body seems to like bread crumbs and peanuts. I even saw him taking the dry cat food out of the feral cat’s dish.

I’m calling the chickadee a he but I’m not sure if he is a he. The male chickadee has a larger black bib than a female chickadee and I don’t have another one to compare.

These birds are always a joy to see, whether female or male.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photos are mine. All Rights Reserved without permission

Melinda @melinda010100, I don’t know why this didn’t post to hive-10644 as I posted though ecency and tapped feathered friends community.

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Banner created by @barbara-orenya



The chickadee what a cute name for the little fella he remains me of the jumping jack sparrow you caught great photos of him jumping mid-air 👍

Haha thanks @kohsamui99 he does look like a jumping jack.

Specially modified body springs 😆

Rounded little ball of feathers, all wrapped up in cuteness with that little hop it does for you.

Lovely having birds around all your through @redheadpei

So true Joan @joanstewart I love seeing the birds around. Thankfully some stay around all year even in the colder season right now.

Excellent photos in motion, it is a very beautiful bird

Thanks for your nice comment @cryptoxicate.

Have a wonderful day.

That's a lovely little bird, Jo 😁
I love the photos when it jumps - looks like it would be hovering over the wooden plank or railing 😃

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

Hannes, I don’t know why the chickadee was hovering like that on the deck railing. I never saw anything like it before.

Another visitor this afternoon. A young raccoon was checking out the food dish left out on the back deck for Friday. He cleaned up any leftovers and then headed back toward the forest.. :)

We had a snowfall today which left the roads slushy...being sort of mixed with rain. More snowfall this month than January.

Thanks dear Hannes for reblog, generous tip and goodies. Much appreciated. 🙂🤗

Have a wonderful Frigg’s Day.

Good morning Jo,

I think you have pressed the shutter button in the right moment. So the moment when the bird jumped got frozen 🙂

Hey, cool, Peppy has sent his son to look if you are well and if you still care for the animals 😃

It's still warm and dry here. I'm working today and tonight, but then it's weekend and I am in home office next week 😁

Wishing you also a wonderful Frigg's Day dear Jo 🤗🌞

Cheers and !BEER

Haha Hannes, I better keep on keeping on feeding the wild animals passing by if the spirit of Peppy is watching.🐱

I would like to see a stretch of warm weather. We had a real cold night last night at -15C but now warming up this morning. This is one of the coldest nights we had this winter.

Wishing you a warm and sunny weekend and a !BEER to relax dear Hannes.🤗☀️

Peppy is watching you Jo 😄

We have had a very warm week and the forecast for next week looks the same, but before we had even colder nights down to -20 C and about -10 during the days. So I know how you feel 😉

Thanks for the wishes, I hope you have a warm and sunshiny weekend, dear Jo 🤗🌞

Cheers and !BEER

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hello dear friend @redheadpei good afternoon
What beautiful captures, I love those moving images.
I appreciate that you let us know this beautiful bird

Thanks @jlufer for your lovely comments. I’m happy you enjoyed seeing the little bird.🐧🙂

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 45 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

It is really cute birdie and nicely captured in the air. 😀
Birds seems to like cat's biscuits, like jthe ackdaws and crows I have seen stealing ferral cats' food too.

Thanks @nelinoeva. I always love seeing the chickadees. I was surprised they could carry away a peanut or dry cat food in their little beaks,

This also amazes me how they can eat peanuts.

That is a pretty amazing capture! I have no idea why the community selection didn't work for you! Thanks for tagging me so that I got to see it, though!

Thanks Melinda @melinda010100. I hadn’t used ecency for awhile. I was sure hive-106444 came up under the first tag I should have checked again before I clicked publish.

Oh how cute!

Thanks @violetmed. They are sweet looking little birds.🙂

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Such cute and funny photos of the Black Capped Chickadee Jo!! I think you caught him mid hop and it came out great! 💕

Thanks so much. I'm a little late in replying Dee.💕. The little chickadee is still coming by every morning. I broke up some peanuts this morning and put them on the deck railing. The blue jays had a good feed but the little chickadee can have the crumbs that he likes.

Hope you are having a good week Dee.

You're very welcome Jo and that is perfectly okay as it can take me a while to get to replies too. Right now as I type this I can hear that blue jay outside calling..lol. Of course I have no way of knowing that it's the same one but my mind says it is and he is calling for some peanuts. 🤨😂

Haha Dee. The blue Jays are pretty darn smart. I have one staring at me through the window knowing I will put out some peanuts when I see him..❤️