Amazing Nature: Tiny Braves The Snow

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My entry to #amazingnature hosted by @adalger. Check his post Here for information on the contest.

I live on an Island in the Canadian countryside surrounded by a forest. The biggest animal living here would be the buffalo. They are not native but were shipped here years ago from Alberta and live at Buffaloland Park. The herd numbers 58.

Of course there are lots of birds and farms animal but as for the wild animals, the coyote would be the biggest with the fox second, then the raccoons, skunks, beavers and other smaller ones.

The little red squirrel is the only squirrel I have seen on the Island. They are teacup size and would fit in the palm of your hand.

I’ve had generation after generation of these red squirrels visiting my back deck. Their lifespan In the wild is about three years but can live to seven, if lucky.

This is Tiny, the baby squirrel🐿 . He is the only squirrel visiting these days.


Tiny braved the first snowfall to check out the food I left outside for the birds. He is sitting on the railing at the back deck where he knows I can see him.


The only thing left was some brown bread for Tiny and he gnaws away on it. Later he takes what’s left off to the forest. Maybe for a snack later.


Nature is amazing and here there are the four seasons; spring, summer, fall and winter.

I always feed the birds and squirrels in the winter as I know it is harder for them when the cold and snow settles in.

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T6




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Lucky you! You are living in a great place.

Thanks @siphon for the visit and your lovely comment. 😊

Lovely. Brought me memories of two american towns I lived in and all the squirrels and chipmonks I fed, even though some of them actually bit me :)
They provided lots of laughs, adorable creatures, even though many people see them as pest

Thanks @hlezama. They are adorable critters. Sorry you got bitten. 🐿

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Such a cutie 😀
And so tiny is Tiny. Fantastic photos, Jo. ❤

Thanks Neli! I’m glad you liked the photos. Tiny is an adorable little critter. 🐿 😊

That's a wonderful shot from you. I always love watch squirrels move in numbers and hop pass trees whenever I travel to my native home. There are incredible things they do.

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Thanks @maxwellmarcusart! Squirrels are smart and quite athletic. 🐿 😊

Wow .. so amazing !! .. it kind of looks on the first picture as if the squirrel is posing and showing off especially for you, hehe ^^ .. I hope he will remember you as a friend for sure and visit again for a bread or too ;)

Thanks @adalger! Yes I think Tiny likes to pose. He comes by to visit quite often. 😊 🐿

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You have a good heart Jo! Love your photos and always a joy to see Tiny and he looks so adorable with his little paws curled up to his chest! 💖

Thanks Dee. I do have a soft spot for the wildlife, especially adorable Tiny. 🐿 💗

You're very welcome Jo!! 💞

Nicely capture squirrel photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar. I’m glad you like the squirrel photo. 😊 🐿

Tiny is so adorable!

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Thanks Cindy @cindyhartz. 😊 He is so darn cute and small that I worry about him getting eaten by a bigger animal. 🐿

@redheadpei Tiny thinks you are his Mother. We feed the one winged pelicans but they are no way as cute as Tiny.

I think he does as he is not afraid of me and will wait on the back deck until I see him. I’m glad you look after the one winged pelicans @myjob. Wildlife needs our help sometimes. 😊 💕

@redheadpei yes they do need our help. I have been wondering how they will survive now that there are no fish houses on the river, they would feed on the fish scraps that were discarded each day. They bulldozed it down today.

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Thanks so much @steemitbloggers and PHC for the support. Appreciated! 💗

A cool character this one is. Story instantly good.

Thanks @manoldonchev! Tiny’s a cool character alright. 😊 🐿

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Thank you! 💕

What a cute little bugger @redheadpei, great photos! 👍


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Thanks @wonderwop! I’m glad you liked the photos. 🐿

How cute! I have fun watching the ones in my yard when I throw an empty peanut butter jar out and they get to clean out the remaining peanut butter. I've done it a few times and now when I go to the patio door and they see me, it's obvious they're looking for that next peanut butter jar, lol.

Your photo of the jays in the snow reminds me that I shouldn't think the jays where I live are in danger when the temp gets into the 40's! :)

Haha @free-reign. The animals are pretty smart and never forget where food might come from. In the warm weather there are only the 2 Blue Jays that visit every morning but now I see over ten flocking in as the temperature drops.

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Nature always brings such joy to your day :) You captured Tiny beautifully @redheadpei! I'm sure he appreciates the bits of bread you leave for him, it'll make winter a little easier I'm sure.

Tiny really likes the blueberry or raisin muffins better but will take the bread as a last resort.
Thanks @birdinparadise. 😊 🐿

Nature is indeed amazing! 😊😊

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True indeed, @iamraincrystal. 😊 🐿

Aaawww cute squirrel💖🌰🐿

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Thanks @jenina6911 🐿 💕

Nature is indeed beautiful... We are all responsible in preserving it

Hi Ireenchew. I too believe we have a responsibility to preserve and care for nature in all it’s forms. 🐿 🌲 😊

I went up to PEI in October and had not been there in a few years, and never so late in the fall. It was actually a heatwave up there, I didn't even have to wear a coat. I am from New England, so I knew how unusual that could be.

Thank you for feeding Tiny and friends. I know how hard that is in that region and thank goodness for the kindness of people to help them make it through the season.

It is beautiful there now, Jo, but, after spending some time there out in the country, I had to wonder how difficult getting out in the morning to work would be? We used to have Nor'Easters that would sock us in for a week!

Have a great day!


Hi Denise. I’m happy you visited the Island and had some nice weather, even if a heatwave. Were you near my end of the Island- outside Montague?

The weather has been weird lately. It snowed and now all that has vanished from the rain and strong winds we had. It has not been too cold which is great.

With no snow the roads are clear but if there is a storm I find the roads are plowed quickly. Of course there are exceptional days when a snow day shuts down the schools and businesses. The bridge to the mainland could be shut down to high sided vehicles due to strong winds.

The ferry to Nova Scotia shuts down Dec 20 until May.

If in the winter the roads are dangerous then I don’t have to leave the house that day. One advantage of being a senior. 😂

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So cute and tiny, never seen or heard of such a small squirrel. Yes life is amazing we have to be patient and still.


Thanks Joan @joanstewart and thanks for the tip. The red squirrel is really small. 🐿 😊

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I love Tiny and I wonder if they also bury their food like our squirrels bury their nuts Lady Jo.
We have 4 babies here and they instinctively bury the left over nuts after they have eaten. So cute to watch them and I will make a video soon about them.

I’ve seen the squirrels and birds bury food to eat later, Sir Stephen. I will look forward to see the video.

The squirrel on the post is so cute! Loved the post.

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Thanks @blueeyes8960. I happy you loved the post. 😊

Ok sweet i think you got a winner, i love it ! And he or she doesnt seen scared

Thanks @brittandjosie. Tiny isn’t afraid of me. He will eat out of my hand. 🐿 😊

Aw man, that poor little guy looks so cold!

He has a nice fur coat. 😊 if it gets really cold I don’t see him. I think he stays in his shelter and eats the food he stores away for those days.

haha the largest animal is (i'm thinking it will be pretty small) a buffalo! That was very funny!
I love Tiny.

Tiny is lovable @owasco. It does sound funny now that I look at it. 😂

Absolutely stunning photos, @redheadpei. Good luck in the contest!

Thanks @jayna and for your good wishes. 😊

Howdy redheadpei! What wonderful photos and God bless you for feeding the animals! You sure you haven't seen Big Foot up there?

Yeah, I was chatting to Bigfoot the other day. Well, I chatted and he grunted.

He can’t understand what all the fuss is about. He had a foul smell and could use a toothbrush. I forgot to get a photo. 😂

Hahaha! That's too funny redheadpei, thanks for giving me a good laugh. Many people report smelling a stench when Big Foot is around.

He smelled to the high heavens. Guess there’s no toilet paper in the forest. 😂

haha! that must be it!

Beautiful scenery where you live. Yes, such a tiny one. You captured some amazing closeups with startling it.

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