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Also known as Wild Carrot, originally from Europe... Considered an invasive plant in most places.

Has attractive flat white flowers the size of a human hands palm...There is a single black colored floret in the center...

Named after Queen Anne of England who was an expert lace maker...

The root while young is edible like the cultivated carrot. Flowers also can be battered and fried...


Poison Hemlock ... image taken from ...duckduckgo,com ... images...

Caution should be taken in mistaking Queen Anne's Lace with Poison Hemlock... Which looks quite similar and is found in most of the Us states and Canada...

Small amounts of Poison Hemlock will give a fatal dose to both humans and horses...

info ... https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/queen-annes-lace/queen-annes-lace-plant.htm


Oh! Scary poison hemlock!

You got that by you ?

Great post @manorvillemike and thanks for the info! Uh oh...Pretty sure I've got Poison Hemlock in my yard! 😲


That there is Queen Anne's lace.. show me a picture of Poison Hemlock...😜

So that (my photo) is Queen Anne's Lace? That would be a relief!

Yes ..check the picture of P. Hemlock flowers are different...I can't recall ever seeing any here on Long Island...

I did look at some and they do look similar. That is a big relief to hear and thanks for letting me know. It is a wonder that I haven't poisoned myself..yet..lol. 🙄 🙂

Beautiful pictures!

Thank you...

Great info, battered and fried flowers.... have you tried that?

No just found it informative..😊

Ah okay thats cool, you can do the same with moringa flowers... they taste a bit like mushrooms when cooked.

Nice... to flavor a meal...