Amazing Nature Contest - January 2020 - #02

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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Contest. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes and there is still so much more to see ^^ .. To participate in #amazingnature just create a post that shows how amazing nature is for you personally. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the Purpose of the Contest ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found Steemit to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of great content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots and their amazing stories in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern times we are living in.


Contest Rules :

As this is a proper contest be so kind and follow those simple contest rules. Otherwise, to stay fair to those who do, I have to disqualify you from the winning places !

  • Use #amazingnature as FIRST TAG and topic of the post and CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest. This assures that this contest can grow and reach out to as many nature lovers as possible.
  • All pictures that you use in your post have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own.
  • Clearly STATE why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an essential part of this contest.
  • Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS below so all participants can find it easily and fully enjoy this weekly collection. You can add a picture if you like.
  • Please submit only one post per contest. Of course you can do more, but I will stick to the first entry per Steemian.

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an incredible wide range there is really anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes
  • Philosophy
  • ... Surprise us ^^


Prizes to Win :

  • 1st Place : 3 SBI
  • 2nd Place : 2 SBI
  • 3rd Place : 1 SBI

I will always try my best to link and present all participants of Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later on Sunday (depending on my time schedule this may shift some time ^^). This way you will have a nice compilation of them all. As an special feature, the new title picture of the contest will be created from the entry of the contest winner. This time it is from @jaytaylor.

How are the Winners choosen ?

I do not choose the winners personally, also I did it in the beginning. The voting will be done by the community instead. For this purpose the Steem Terminal was so kind to create a special contest room in their Discord. Here I will post the announcement post (contests-and-such) each Sunday together with all your entries (adalger-contest) each friday. Every member of the Terminal will be able to assign "voting emojies" under the entries for 24 hours and in the end those three with the most of them are the lucky winners. This I hope should lead to a more objective consideration than just involving myself as a judge ^^


Steem Terminal Discord Server:

If you want to vote for the entries, feel free to join us on the Steem Terminal Discord:

It is a great location for learning about Steem, Discord, and Steem-related communities, full of nice people that you may ask if you need assistance, with nearly everything ^^ It also host the Redfish Rally, a funny challenge for all those new here. You will find documents to assist you, a place to learn and practice, and find out about the many opportunities to connect with other Steemians. So why not joining us? You will not regret it ^^



The winner of this week's contest, with her very first entry, is @jaytaylor. While browsing through her blog you will find many entries about art. It's her main focus and if you are interested in this topic you should definitely visit her blog. You will not be disappointed ^^ .. She is a very spiritual person and you can find a lot of philosophy in her posts and discover her affinity to nature on a closer look. Her entry is about a magical moment in nature, a close encounter between the fearless 2-year-old Raven and a wild white-tailed deer during a trip to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, in Autumn 2004. I would really like to talk more about what she wrote, but to be honest, I suppose I would not get even close to how beautiful of a story she wrote to accompany those breathtaking and hearth warmening pictures. You voted for @jaytaylor with a total of six votes and in my opinion you choose the right one. It is such a honor to present this post to you as it represents what "Amazing Nature" stands for in such an excellent way. Thank you sooo much for participating in this contest with this outstanding jewel!


The second place goes to @phortun wis week. He is a dedicated nature lover that always prefers natural places to urban sites. In his entry he shows us a beautiful collection of the wildlife in the one country, that will always have a special place in his heart, namely Costa Rica ^^ .. I was quite surprised to hear from him that more than 1/4 of the country´s land area consist of national parks and protected areas that contain as much as 5% of the entire world´s biodiversity. This makes Costa Rica a true heaven for every nature lover. Besides this Purple Lubber Grasshopper you can find six other beautiful pictures that he took at the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and its surroundings, mostly in the Cahuita National Park and the Gandoca Manzanillo National Park. Thank you for this very first entry from you for our little contest :)


If you are following this contest for longer time already you for sure know our @annephilbrick ^^ This time we see her again within the winning places with a beautiful landscape that she took for us in autumn, a magical time of the year where Mother Nature blesses us with great colourful views as the trees turn brilliant red, orange and yellow. It is really fascinating to see how different the world can appear depending on the time of the year. Trees perfectly adapted to this world throughout billions of years and while I think so about it, they are really exemplary of how a peaceful and friendly world may look like. It is a shame we are treating them so badly. We humans could really need a bit of their nature spirit, hehe. Thank you for another nice entry from you @annephilbrick :)








From time to time, when I browse the the post-promotion chanel, I encounter Steemians with nature related blogs that I put in the feature rubric. This time I found @shuvo35 from Bangladesh. The post that caught my attention was dedication to those who love flowers and love nature. And then one for those who love animals, hehe. What a nice idea ^^ He has a hand for capturing the beauty of those things around us that most people would oversee as simple and inconspicuous ^^



I thank all of you who participated and voted this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Contest. I am looking forward to more excellent content to come as every week ^^. Of course this format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the contest and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join us on this little adventure.

Previous Participants :

@akinome @alinix @annamarina @annephilbrick @apnigrich @artofwisdom @angelro @atomcollector @bahttg @bigsambucca @brittandjosie @bucipuci @careassaktart @cocolefleur @davidesimoncini @dkkarolien @elkezaksek @ellenripley @engrsayful @hangin @iamraincrystal @ireenchew @isabelpena @joebtc @johannpiber @justclickindiva @kamrunnahar @karbon @kheys @lighteye @manojbhatt @melinda010100 @mintymile @molometer @myjob @mysteriousroad @nelinoeva @nilom @ninahaskin @paradigm42 @phortun @qwerrie @redheadpei @sarimanok @sayee @sallybeth23 @seadbeady @s3rg3 @theoctoberwind @thesobuz @travelsbyblue @trincowski @viking-ventures @wongbraling

If you want me to take you out of the list, or if you don't want your picture, in the case you are the winner, to be used as a new title picture, just let me know about it in the comments.


Best wishes,

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My entry for this round:


Full post here.

Thank you for hosting this great challenge @adalger :)

Hey there @phortun ! .. I am glad that you decided to stick with us and to participate another time. Thank you for this nice rhinoceros beetle ^^

My pleasure :) I said I would be a regular hehe :)

Hehe .. I am soo happy you like it here .. I am sure we can to expect much more amazing entries from you ^^ .. your have a hand for great nature pictures, hehe

Woow, what an honor to be one of the winners :) So many amazing shots here. Thank you everyone who voted for my entry and many thanks to the host @adalger for organizing this great contest. Cannot wait to join the next round :) Keep on rocking guys!

It is your fault that they choose you into the winning places @phortun, hehe .. this was an excellent compilation of amazing pictures. I suppose that all of the followers of thins contest are dreaming of Costa Rica now ;)

Aww, thanks for these nice words :) It was my pleasure to promote the spectacular wildlife of Costa Rica a little bit.

Thank you @melinda010100 for this #featheredfriends entry ^^ .. It so reminds me of the story of Snow-White, hehe

Hahaha! You are welcome and your Snow White comment made me laugh!

Hehe, this contrast of this red is soo beautiful that I directly thought about it ^^

Great contest @adalger! Congrats to the winners and all the authors of the lovely nature photos submitted. 🌲

Hehe, thank you @redheadpei.. Two new steemians found their way to us.. and both are great ^^.. Lets see what happened after the release of the vlog format of the contest ^^

Excellent choices, @adalger!

hey there @melinda010100 ^^ .. actually I do not choose the winners anymore from this round on. They are chosen every Friday by the members of the Steem Terminal in their Discord channel .. They were so kind to grant me an own room for this purpose ;)

That is the hardest part for any contest and I hope that method works out well for you. I like having guest hosts help with the Shadow Contest judging. It switches it up since we all see things differently.

Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for the honorable mention. I am delighted to participate in this amazing competition.

Hey there @bucipuci ^^

.. what an fast reply, hehe. It is nice to see that you are still posting so many nature impressions on a daily basis, and even nicer that you are still sticking around here with us so we all can see it:) .. Everytime that I see your avatar I am reminded on my hiking days through the Czech Republic.. You are really blessed over there. Just keep you eyes open for Baba Yaga, hehe ^^

I was just at the PC when your article came out :-)
Yes. We have many beautiful places in the Czech Republic.
Baba Jaga moved from the forest to politics :-D

Hehe, that for sure suits her better.. I am afraid she was hiding as a chancellor in Germany for several years, hehe.. I hope she's not reading this blog, lookingbehind ^^


Hey @adalger, here is a little bit of BEER from @bucipuci for you. Enjoy it!

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coffeea Lucky you @adalger here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Oh! Beautiful pics!!

Aha! You are very active this week!
Very good! Keep going!

Hehe,.. I had some good vacations that refreshed me quite a bit and refilled by energy. I used it a bit for the contest ^^ .. Now that you say it, the times of my daily post are already gone, but I always try to post some non contest related content from time to time. I actually have something in my gallery that I wanted to decorate with an great mythological story for several weeks already. You know what, as I am sure you may find it interesting, I am going to work it out :) Thank you for the motivation ^^ looks like you were blessed with an especially strong spirit for new year.

Congratulations to the winners! Fantastic entries.
I missed to vote this time. But I am going to check discord channel when it will be due time.

^^ I am glad that you are going to vote too from time to time.. The more voters the more fun for all, hehe.. By the way, the blog of this week's feature has some nice posts about roses too :)

One can never go wrong with the roses 😀

Hi bro,
Please see below submission from my end.


Thank you for the entry of that rare sight from Bhutan ^^

Hey there, thank you so much for another amazing entry.. This time it is a real series of great pictures.. And a super funny one to watch too ^^

Thank you very much for your nice words! 🤗

Nice selection and congrats to all.

Hey @adalger and all :o) Thank you so much for your support and for the lovely words you wrote about my entry and work in general. I really appreciate your kindness and I'm delighted that our 'magical moment' resonated with you. Keep up the good work of cheerleading for Mother Nature! Lots of love from wintry England! Jay (and Raven!) xx

Hehe, you really deserved these kind words ^^ .. your blog is an amazing one and I am glad that you are cheerleading together with us.. Also very good to have you at the Terminal.. I will happily send some love back to you!.. and remembering my year abroad in Cardiff, I send a whole bunch of this super practical raincoats to go with it, hehe :)

Thank youuuuuuuuu, @adalger 💜💜💜

Cardiff, you say??! Wet, you suggest??!! 😅 Did you know that they've done Wales up now? 😅 -

"Alfresco dining in Cardiff? They're having a laugh, aren't they? I tried to have a Twix at a bus stop in Wales a few years ago and it was too wet to eat, to be honest..." 😅

Hehe, when I was there I had rain every single day! Also some days it were only short 1 minute showers .. I actually never believed that this is possible ^^ .. I even heard that it's worse on the Isle of Men :) .. But it is a beautiful country with great National Parks to take long walks through ^^ .. And there is the Doctor Who Museum close to Cardiff Bay !!

It IS beautiful, @adalger, you are quite right. But it's so wet that poor Rhod says, "I didn't realise you could remove a cagoule until I was 12 years old..." 😂

congrats to the winners - so many beautiful pictures again :)

Hey there @seadbeady .. How are you ^^ I hope that you arrived well in 2020 :) Nice to see you stopping by .. I see you already noticed our two new participants, hehe. They are great!! ^^

Hello friend this week i choose a tree as my entry for amazing nature entry

Thank you for you tree entry ^^ .. from all kinds of angles, hehe.. It's a very nice and informative one :)

Good job all...

There are doing a great job indeed ! .. And they are not willing to stop :) .. I am very lucky ^^

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Hi there everyone ^^

Thank you again for another great week together with amazing nature!.. It was the first week where the winning places were not chosen by myself, but the community of the Steem Terminal. It worked out great and you all seem to like the new judging system. So I am happy to announce that we will keep it :)

I know that I demand a lot of you all. We had two specials in a row followed by a change of the evaluation. But do not worry, I try to leave the contest like it is for a while now.. OK, maybe not, hehe.. I was recently ask for an entry of a vlog and dreamed about it all night ^^.. I do not want to spoiler you too much, but be prepared that there will be a vlog special in the, hopefully not to far, future. It will be next to the regular one so do not worry to miss anything out ^^

This said I wish you all a great week full of joy and happiness with you amazing nature everywhere around you. You are the best!

Best wishes,

Thank you for another great entry using "HOPE" as a topic, hehe ^^

It is an honor to attend

Hehe, 😊 .. from now on I should check my replies only in the morning.. It will guarantee a daily good mood 😂

Cheers! :-)

Hey there @joanstewart! I just remembers that you dropped down an fantastic entry a few days ago. Unfortunately it fell directly into the first voting period that was done by the Terminal..

I dropped the link here for you so that you can participate in this week's contest round ^^

Thanks so much, still learning the ropes here @adalger have seen some amazing nature in one place, many members who enjoy sharing what they see.

You are welcome ^^ Thank you for your entry ;)


I am CLOSING the ENTRY window now

The VOTING will STARTS in the SteemTerminal Discord soon ^^

Thank you all for participating this week ;)

Best wishes,

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Congratulations to all sharing amazing nature.

Thank You so very much...!!
And truly Thank You for an Amazing Beautiful Nature Contest....!!!!

Hi there, here is my post for this week. Droplets again 😀


Hey there @nelinoeva ^^ thank you for another great water droplet on dandelion entry.. Those pictures are as beautiful as the last ones ^^

Thank you very much! 😀

Congratulations to all participants and winners as well !
And here is my entry for this week's theme.

Hey there @ireenchew .. I am so glad that your found your way to us again .. Thank you for this amazing story about a city full of flowers !! .. It nearly sounds to beautiful to be true .. Praised is the "Tet Holliday" ! .. I am sure it was invented by bees, hehe ;)

Oh yes.. I'm going to visit the Flower Walking Street this weekend once all the full bloomed flowers are replanted in the park. Everyone is telling me that I should visit it :)

Please do it .. and then show us some impressions ^^ a city full of flowers sounds sooooo gorgeous ;)