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Hello Nature-Lovers ^^


Today I want to discuss the FUTURE OF THE AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY with you! .. I would like to apply several major changes to how the whole community is managed and represented. There are actually two reasons that make me believe that these changes are a necessary step. First, the community grew into a really really big one with approximately 1500 members now and is already one of the biggest in Hive (You are all making me soooo damn proud ^^). Then, there is the fact that the AN community was included into the Community Incubation Program from OCD (Thank you sooo much OCD-Team), which grands us access to huge up-votes and extraordinary support that we should use very wisely. We now have the opportunity to acknowledges these post from our members which really deserve it and are capable to transform this community into an even better place for everyone. Thus I propose the following:

  • The main account should not run be run by myself @adalger anymore but from @hive-127788 itself.
  • The current set of Moderators and Curators should be reviewed.
  • Moderators are assigned tasks based on weekly posts within @hive-127788 account (contest / activity & news posts / active curation & compilations posts).
  • Moderators will be compensated for their efforts by a share of the post payout, that will receive some decent upvotes.

This is all just a suggestion and still OPEN TO DISCUSSION. So please everyone, leave all the CRITICS, SUGGESTIONS AND PROPOSALS and whatever comes to your mind in the comments and participate in transforming this initial Nature project that I once started into a flourishing interactive community project for the whole community! .. If nothing comes back as a response from you, I will just leave it basically as it is ^^ .. But this is your chance to increase the quality of the community and actively participate in it, so why not taking it?

Change to Hive-127788 Account

I want to change the account from which the community is managed from my personal @adalger account to the @hive-127788 account, the main account of the Amazing Nature Community. So far I was running the community by myself most of the time and could also go on with it, but I would like it to be kind of self-managing and self-representing with the help of willing and engaged Moderators, also this would mean that quite some time and effort is expected from their side. So all Moderators will gain access to the community account and will be able to use it for curating and posting under its name. Thus, all that will be done in the future will be directly related to the community and posted from this account.

Review of the Moderator and Curator Team

As I am proposing a lot of changes here I suggest that we just start from the scratch with the whole Moderator crew. Of course those Moderators and Curators that are willing to go on are highly welcome to stay and will be handled with priority ^^ Also, all other community members that are willing to take on a task are welcome to do so! If this means that in the end there will be only one Moderator for the start, I will have to accept it, also I hope for more ;) .. I would at least like to have a minimum of 4 Moderators in the Community to cover the contest (which I will go on with) and the Curation and Tipping, including the compilation of these.

Tasks for Moderators and Curators

I have several tasks in mind that are useful and helpful for the whole community and can enrich the experience for everyone that is a member here. Including myself, we would need at least 4 Moderators, especially curators are important at the beginning.

CONTESTS: As you all know I am currently running the weekly AN Contest. This of course will go on and hopefully will never end, hehe ^^ .. But I will post it from the @hive-127788 account. Nevertheless, there are also other contests thinkable that can be included. There is for example a great contest in the FEATHERED FRIENDS COMMUNITY. It is about a weekly picture of birds to which the contestants have to find some great and creative dialogues and post it into the comments. Or there may be a contest that has another topic each week like a "berry and snow" week, or maybe "trees and sun week", something highly creative .. I think you get the point. The purpose it to enrich the interaction between the community members, give them some funny contests or challenges and the possibility to earn some Hive tokens, while simultaneously forming some bonds to other nature interested Hiveans out there ^^ (These rewards will be taken from the hive-127788 account. I will explain it later)

CURATION: Some Moderators can use the @hive-127788 account for active curation. Therefore they just log into it and up-vote posts. In addition they can tip excellent posts with Hive-tokens, too (These rewards will be taken from the hive-127788 account. I will explain it later). This would be an excellent way to acknowledge members which took some time, research and efforts into writing their posts. Then each curator could publish a weekly compilation post where they are presenting all these curated posts to raise some more awareness and accelerate the inter-member bonding. As every Curator has another taste of what to curate, at least two different curators would be very nice to have.

NEWS & INFORMATION: There is also the possibility to post a weekly bulletin or news post regarding some interesting nature related developments that may be of interest to members of the community. I lately saw that there is a weekly sea news bulletin in the community which is doing it in this way. This would be an excellent service to all the interested members of the community who like to read news bulletins ^^

UNKNOWN YET: there are of course more interesting tasks and projects that can be implemented, but I rather would like to stop after these here already. But every interesting suggestion is welcome here. Still, finding engaged curators is the most important task in the beginning ^^

Moderator Rewarding, Curation and Tip Funds

Regarding the way how Moderators will be rewarded and where the funds for the Contests, and Curation and Tips will come from there is a system that we can implement for the @hive-127788 account.

Hive-127788: First of all for those who do not know about the OCD Community Incubation Program, here is a link to their latest post about it: OCD-Community Incubation Program. Basically it works like this: OCD delegates HP to the communities that they can use for active curation. Our delegation (~1500HP) would then be directed to the @hive-127788 account for curation purposes. In addition OCD is willing to up-vote the posts from the @hive-127788 account!! Thus, if the Moderators post the weekly posts there, either contest, curation report, or else, the overall @hive-127788 account will steadily grow bigger and bigger and bigger. As a result the up-votes that the curators are giving also grow steadily and after a while the whole Amazing Nature community is able to to give out some decent up-votes by itself over its curators. This Community Incubation Program from OCD is so amazing and it is helping all the communities on Hive to grow :)

Contest Rewards and Tips: There was a post recently about liquid funds and beneficiaries on post payouts by @acidyo (OCD Curator) that sound really promising. Basically it works like this. Each Moderator will put, lets say, a 25% beneficiary on the post payout to "". Thus after the payout 7 days later 20% of the payout goes to the "" account, but @hive-127788 will receive these 25% back as liquid reward, so as Hive-tokens. These then can be used as contest rewards, as well as for tipping community members directly. The rest of the rewards will directly go into HP to the @hive-1277 account to help it grow. This way, also the growing of the account may be slow at the beginning, we are already able to give out some good tips in the beginning instead of just up-votes ^^ (Of course a simple downvote would also do the trick ^^)

Moderator and Curator Rewards: To reward the Moderator too, they will all be directly set as beneficiaries too, lets say also 25%. Thus each Moderator get a share from the post payout of the weekly Community posts of the @hive-127788 account .. And as these announcement will be up-voted by OCD there should be a fair share in the end for the whole Moderator team to appreciate their work for the community. In the end it will be like 50% Community grow, 25% Moderator reward, 25% liquid funds (Those are not fixed numbers yet. I just choose them as an example ^^)

Community Member Rewards: Last but not least there will be also some advantages for the community members itself. @hive-127788 will be set as a curation trail too. This way they all can follow it and simultaneously vote on all the posts that our curators are voting for. After OCD left their rather impressive votes too on the weekly Moderator posts, they could even accumulate some decent HP too. In addition, if they vote on a post that has the "" as a beneficiary, they will also be rewarded with a small percentage of liquid reward! .. So in the end everyone in the community is profiting from this system ;)

What do you thing of this ???

I invite every single one of you to leave critics, suggestions and proposals on all what I proposed here. This is for the sake of the whole community and can determine the future of Amazing Nature! .. Leave your opinion and be a part of it ^^

Moderator-Team: @annephilbrick @bucipuci @joanstewart @juanbg @kaminchan @nelinoeva @papilloncharity @porters @redheadpei @seadbeady

Other wanted Opinions: @acidyo (OCD-Curator, Supporter of all Communities at Hive) @brittandjosie (Super-Hivean with lot of Experience, Terminal Member, DNA Member) @melinda010100 @barbara-orenya (FeatheredFriend Community, DNA Member) @wholecommunity (The whole Amazing Nature Community)

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The AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY is dedicated to all Nature Lovers out there, no matter if Zoology, Botany, Landscapes or Philosophy and open FOR ALL POSTS ABOUT THE AMAZING NATURE AROUND YOU.

AmNaBa.pngClickable Banner by the amazing @barbara-orenya

DNA-CURATION: The Amazing Nature Community is also part of the awesome DNA project (Densifying Nature-Appreciation). DNA searches for HIGH-QUALITY posts that aim to DESCRIBE and determine the BIODIVERSITY AROUND YOU with added EXPLANATIONS and INFORMATION. For these informative posts DNA offers a CURATION SERVICE using the account. It is also a CURATION TRAIL. At the moment DNA is also the home of the #featheredfriends hosted by the lovely @melinda010100 🦢 for all you great posts about our feathered friends and the #fungifriday hosted by the amazing @qwerrie 🍄 for all your posts about fungi and mushrooms ^^


OCD COMMUNITY INCUBATION PROGRAM: The AN Community was also accepted into the OCD community incubation program. Therefore we were assigned a channel into their Discord Server and I an now allowed to FORWARD POSTS from the community to them. I will do this whenever I find some highly informative and well researched nature content here or otherwise excellent posts. These posts then will receive a really nice and REWARDING UP-VOTE from the @blocktrades and @ocdb accounts to reward their effort in creating great and meaningful content. Thank you very very much for this awesome opportunity OCD-Team! I will always re-blog the Amazing Nature Contest, as well as all the post that I forwarded to OCD into my blog so that you always are able to see them directly whenever you wish to.

Best wishes, Adalger


Big move with great ideas tucked away in this post, reading at the end of the day so have shared and read tomorrow when fresh as a daisy... if that is possible.

Curation of work posted on the hive-127788 is a great idea however each will need to select a category to curate not to create duplicates, ie: seascapes, landscapes, insects, mushrooms, birds etc. that you could 'dissect and distribute'.

DNA with each hive under for specific has been a good move having the way I see it, General - (Geographic) (Fauna & Flora) (Insects)/ Currently:

Birds is currently running, Mushrooms currently running.

Will chat further in Discord DNA on a fresh brain, thanks for everything and great ideas @adalger

Assigning the curators to various topics is actually a really nice idea @joanstewart .. This way they will not interfere with each other in the curation process and the weekly announcements post are kind of categorized ^^ .. this is a wonderful idea ;) .. Thank you so much for leaving this suggestion !

You have made some really great suggestions here and given me a better understanding of how using would be beneficial. Right now we are still powering up all Hive that #featheredfriends community receives, and I give out tips from my personal account, but being able to do tips in the future from our Hive account would be great!

Hehe, thank you very much for the critics @melinda010100 .. "" can actually be of a huge help for starting communities .. I was thinking a lot about the changes the last days and believe that if all the suggestions would be implemented the whole AN community could benefit highly from them .. But, it feels a bit like growing a child and letting it out into the world to live its own life 😂 .. you are kind of proud that it happens, but also a bit sad to let it go, hehe .. But in the end you are so proud to see how well it is able to manage its own life finding its own way out there 😁

I think both of my communities are still youngsters, but they are growing and Feathered Friends will have enough HP to turn loose soon. I only wish Shadow Hunters had more support!

Once I catch my breath with things I have to do on my desk, after I return from a week away in October perhaps more time will be available to assist you a little more @melinda010100 at the moment a little loopy myself... time wise!

I must say that I am looking forward to you having more time. 😁

Great vision and a lot of work :-)
If that helps, I could try the job of a curator.

This is great news @bucipuci ^^ Good to have you on-board ;) .. You would make an excellent curator that is able to focus on the deep and inner beauty of nature itself 😁


I like your idea adalger of having the moderators help curate the amazing nature posts and compile a weekly report.

I need to read this post a few times to take it all in but I’m willing to be of service in curating or whatever tasks are needed.

One suggestion would be to have a set reply for the curators to place on the posts they curate. For e.g.- This post has been curated and upvoted by whoever? in the Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work.

A very nice banner would be great!!

Hehe, we have that one from @barara-orenya already that is really great, but I also though about doing something professional too. So that members have the chance to choose from several ones or create their own ones too. @papillioncharity once proposed a contest for the logo creation. Maybe this is an idea for badges and banners too? .. We could use a logo for the peakd frontend and a badge too that we can assign to members .. So many ideas that are still open, ahhhhhhh

Hi Wes. 👍

This is actually a really good idea ^^ I will try to figure out what can be done this way .. I also though to create such thing as a AN-Moderator-channel in the DNA discord to discuss things like that, and also what every single one could be contributing to the community as a Mod .. I am glad to hear that you are willing do be a moderator too @redheadpei ^^ .. we will definitely figure out a task that suits you the best and is most enjoyable for you ;)

Sounds great @adalger.

I support whatever you think is best! Your ideas are very progressive and always creative! Still a lot of work for you to organise! Who would ever imagine you’ll gather up over 1500 members in such a short time! Amazing!

Mother Nature is on your side! LoL

Thank you @kaminchan ^^ .. Hehe, it all started out with a challenge, became a contest, and now a huge community full of nature-lovers, hehe .. I was also very surprised each time how well all the ideas were accepted by the blockchain community .. But now it became so big and we have so much support from all sides, that it is time to think one level bigger again ^^ .. I am so thankful of all the support I received from all of you all the time and you are all so amazing that I really want to do my best to transform this into an even better place all nature-lovers every single day ;)

We are so lucky to have your leadership and initiatives on very project! This has made positive changes in many people’s lives.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful effort and hard thinking work! I think the Elf power is with you!! Hahaha.

@adalger what a good initiative! You know that I recently became a community moderator, and I always thought Amazing Nature has great potential, and now I confirm what I said and it is clearer to me. There will be many things to understand regarding "" among other things but all this looks promising for the community.

For my part (and as I said a few weeks ago in the announcement of the new moderator) I promise to fulfill the tasks that you propose, which will of course be for the benefit of the entire community.

Long live the Amazing Nature Community! Blessings.🐬😃

For sure the beginning will mean a lot of work, discussions and tryouts ^^ .. But after one month everything should get far more easy for everyone involved. I hope that at this point this community is already one big step further to justify the "amazing" in its name, haha .. It is really good to hear that your a willing to go on, and I already thought it would be this way ^^ .. Glad to have you on-board !

You have a lot of ideas that will help the community to grow and become stronger.
Whatever help is needed, you may count on me.

This is soooo great @nelinoeva ^^ .. as you are also a DNA curator now I would suggest that you also become a Curator in the AN community. Both tasks are actually correlating great with each other .. what do you think of that ? .. This way you would become kind of an overall-nature-curator ;)

I would love to. 😀
It is fantastic fo be able to curate for the AN too.


Thank you 😉

It all sounds good to me and I like your determination that everyone stands to benefit from it.

Blessings and strength 😃 💪

Thank you for the kind words @papillioncharity ^^ .. Hehe, the idea behind a community should be that the whole community enjoys it and also can profit from it too in a way, may it be member-bonding, funny and exciting events or even to just accumulate some HP .. There is so much love in this community that just is waiting to be shared with each other .. I am glad that you like the changes ;)

I agree with all that you say here @adalger and no strong arming, or demands on a site can certainly bring out the best in all. That is why I like your inclusive management by sharing your decisions for discussions.
The changes all appear logical to me and may the site continue to grow in leaps and bounds!

Ohh .. sorry !! .. I forgot to post it directly into the community and had to do a cross-post ^^

Hello is very nice and cool from yours all.
I will stay update :)

Have a nice weekend big hugs 🤗

Glad you like it .. I am super optimistic that this will evolve greatly, hehe

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