Amazing Nature Challenge - August 2019 - #04

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Hello Nature Lovers !


I would like to cordially invite you to another great week of the Amazing Nature Challenge. There were already so many excellent entries regarding how amazing nature can be in the past episodes of this challenge and there is still so much more to see ^^ .. To participate in #amazingnature just create a post that shows how amazing nature is. This can be anything from a beautiful flower or animal to an astonishing sunset.

What is the purpose of this challenge ?

I am a huge lover of nature and really enjoy to take pictures of all the lovely things that surround me every day, no matter if those are plants, animals or landscapes. I found steemit to be a brilliant place to find and watch nature pictures from all over the world. There is such a diversity of this content out there, thanks to all of you, from different perspectives and out of various motivations. I would like to collect all those beautiful snapshots in a weekly compilation so that you can all benefit from the beauty that we are facing all the time, but so often are not able to appreciate in the modern times we are living in.


Contest Rules :

  • Use the #amazingnature tag in your post for the challenge.
  • The pictures that you post have to be your own.
  • State in your post why those pictures are representing your amazing nature.
  • Drop the link to your post in the comments. It is not mandatory but appreciated as all participants and also myself can find it easily.
  • Please try to submit only one post per challenge. Of course you can do more, but I try to stick to one picture per steemian in the announcement posts.

Possible Topics :

As nature covers an extreme wide range there is anything possible. Amazing Natures categories could be anything from the following topics:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Geology
  • Landscapes

I will always try to link and present all the steemians that entered for Amazing Nature in the entries section of the announcement posts that will be published roughly one week later. This way you will have a nice compilation of all the amazing nature pictures. The new title picture of the challenge will be created from the best picture of all participants. This time it is from @nelinoeva.



This weeks post by @nelinoeva is dedicated to roses as those have a special place in her heart. She shows us many beautiful pictures with various coloured flowers including red, orange and pink. But there is no end here. You will find some buds that are only slightly opened which looks so amazing and some modified pictures that created beautiful rose paintings. Thank you for this nice post ^^



Here we have a very nice post about an "uzhik", a little snake. In a beautiful series of adorable pictures you can watch how children are exploring this cute little snake. @qwerrie would like to entitle this post "Children caught a snake," or "Snake demonstrates the signs of the alphabet." By the way, thank you for explaining to us the difference between an uzhik and a poisonous viper or some other dangerous snake ^^



I also would like to add an entry for this week about an one-legged seagull that I found at the sea in Neatherland and that I initially pictured for the amazing #featheredfriday by @melinda010100. I found it so astonishing that even with one leg missing this gull seems to have no problems at all during her daily routine.




I thank all of you who participated in this week and hope that you enjoyed the Amazing Nature Challenge. I hope for more excellent content and maybe this can be the start of a nice new Nature community. Of course the format is open for all kind of critics that can increase the quality of the challenge and I am always happy about anyone who wants to join this little adventure.


Best wishes,

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I really want to thank @qwerrie and @nelinoeva for their constant support of the amazing nature ! Without you two this challenge would be fairly empty ^^ .. ok, this said it is time for another week ;)

Thank you for this amazing challenge! I am thinking about the next post and soon it will be ready.

I am already exited what it will be this time ^^

I'll try to remember to tag you in my next photo post for this week.

It would be nice to see you join us too ^^ .. in any case I always try to put this challenge in the terminal whenever I evaluate the week

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Here is my amazing curious nature cat :)

Daily Pet Photography Event - Day - 599 !!

Hi there @hangin ^^ .. thank you for participating with that cute cat ;) .. do you know the caturday discord chanel ? you may find it an interesting one as you always show so many nice cat pictures ^^ .. as far as I know it is run by @fraenk and the cat community can never have enough of us furryball lovers ;)

Thanks you @adalger i will look into that...Thanks for that info :)

I would love to join this challenge! I love nature photos too! I'll use the tag next time around when I share my lovely nature photos. ^_^

Huhu ^^ .. I am glad you found your way to us nature lovers and K hope you will be enjoying this challenge in the future ;)

I had to go back and add your tag, lol. I am trying!!!
Anyway, here is this week's entry...

Big Southern Butte - Idaho Photography - I didn't know until today that it is one of the largest volcanic domes in the world!