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RE: Evening Walk

in #alwaysaflower3 months ago

That first photo is great!

And pear blossoms! Very nice. I'd love a closer look at those.

Hope the loss of an hour of sleep didn't hit you too hard.


I survived @dbooster - haha. I really dislike springing ahead! I will post some better up close photos of the blossoms! The Bradford Pear has such pretty blossoms, but the trees themselves have very soft bark! As they get older and taller, they break and crack off huge portions of their branches when we have strong wind storms. Many, many of these trees have been broken over the 30 years we have lived in our neighborhood. My neighbors have been forced to take them out of their yards because they look pitiful! I'm glad a few of them have survived, because they really do signal spring to me! My husband and I didn't plant any in our yards. Have a great day/night!