Apimed Old Slavic Mead

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Continuing the series I started here with Trnava, today I'm into a variety called Old Slavic.


Whereas the Trnava was darker, almost syrupy, and flavored with spices, this mead is quite light. It's not quite as sweet, and doesn't have the depth of flavor of the Trnava either. I suspect this difference mostly comes down to the difference in the honey in the production of each variety. Acacia honey is known for being light in color and fairly one-note in its flavor.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just depends on what you're looking for. With acacia honey, you know what you're getting, because it all comes from one type of flower. With wild flower honey there are a variety of flavor notes, coming from the different types of flowers the be happens to find.

So too with this mead. It has a delicate flavor that is not overly sweet. This makes the alcohol more pronounced as well. In comparing the two varieties, I would say that drinking Trnava is an event unto itself. It's hearty and complex. The type of mead one pictures Vikings or dwarves drinking in a great Hall to celebrate a victory. The Old Slavic is more something I would drink as an accompaniment to a meal, or on the porch on a summer evening.

Both are high quality products and each has their place. It just depends on what you're looking for out of your mead on a particular occasion.

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