Keybase Stellar Lumens Airdrop - I received $20 just because

in #airdroplast year

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I was surprised this morning by an unusual notification - the Keybase just rewarded me for being their member with 20 bucks. I am not kidding. You just need to signup and see if you are eligible for the airdrop.

This is what my profile there looks like, and because I am the Geekverse special edition, of course I have to have this.

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What is a Keybase?
It is a web of trust security app and social network, chat messenger, it offers simple encryption/decryption and also has a free Git for your folders and files, and a Stellar wallet!"

They will continue this airdrop and reward us monthly until they spend all of it. You can get more information when you get on a page, but it will definitely asked you to verify one of these accounts - Hacker News or Github ( have to be created before September the 9th).

No referrals, but you can add me for a friend. I am not sure if we need invite codes for this, but if these do not work, brief me, I will add more if necessary in comment section.

Invite codes!

Join Tau Raghallach - multipurpose discord server; we support multiple venues and participate in numerous crypto blogging websites - Steemit, Whaleshares, Weku, Golos, Cent, Publish, Uptrennd, Trybe ... etc.

You can also connect with me here:
Github Webpage:
KarmaApp: aschatria124


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Hi, sorry for a question, is there any way to download the 32-bit keybase setup? Because I download it but it tells me that my processor is not compatible.

I do not know if this is well written, I am using the google translator because my language is Spanish, I am from Venezuela.


32-bit Ubuntu/Debian/etc.

curl --remote-name
sudo apt install ./keybase_i386.deb
run_keybase -g # run without GUI; it is not supported on 32-bit Linux