John McCone @ RT Sputnik.. on the Ethics of A.I.

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An amazing (unfortunately small) interview of a good friend, Dr John McCone, on a subject that very few dare touch, while almost everyone are, from my personal point of view, already victims of in a daily basis, A.I., more accurately the ethics of A.I.

With the boom of the A.I. projects, passing by 5G, the gamification of everything and also monetization, Blockchains, Politics, Economy, Work, small details like the ethics of A.I. are easily forgotten while of major importance to all of us and our well-being, some very important questions, examples, possible future scenarios, were presented by Dr John McCone and to my surprised, well received and discussed by the hosts of the show at Sputnik Orbiting the World: Prisons in crisis and ethics of AI (ep.291), on the first half the interview about the prison system, the lack of resources and care towards both prisoners and staff was also very well presented and discussed, and shows a reality that most of us don't realize yet it is present and affect us all in one or other way..

But, without further ado except to personally thank John for bringing this topic to the masses through RT, lets get to the interview:

(Click image above to see the video, or watch it at the source)

Temperatures have already reached the highest since records began. It’s set to be a long hot summer and nowhere more so than in Britain’s overcrowded, understaffed prisons. Deprived of the right to strike and, they say, underpaid and under strength, our prison officers will struggle to keep the lid on the boiling pot of Britain’s huge jail population. Mick Pimblett is on the frontline, he’s one of the leaders of the Prison Officers Association, and, so, we invited him to the studio to tell us about a system in crisis.

Florid flesh and blood might be back in Downing Street but the robots haven’t given up. We regularly talk about artificial intelligence, but most experts are more concerned with the technology rather than the sociology. Artificial intelligence threatens to throw millions out of work, which would be fine if the newly unemployed didn’t starve as a result. One man, who is campaigning prodigiously on these issues, is Dr John McCone, founder of Philosophy for the Future. He hopped aboard Sputnik to tell us more about the ethics of AI.

If You cannot watch the video for any reason You can listen here

❤ You all,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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Hello @cyberspacegod

Friend once I read your publication, it created in me a source of inspiration, where I was raised some philosophical questions, I thank you for that.

by here I leave you the link Man = Ethics = AI

Dear @LanzJoseG,

Thank You so much, it's awesome to have served as source of inspiration with the post/topic/ideas.. And I have very hardened ideals about AI carved in mind and heart, once I loved it, now I almost hate it, so decided to not exactly fight it but to the best of my abilities help raise awareness about what it can become..

I'm checking the link right now, and I can say for sure we have different views about it in some points, at the same time they are very similar..

Always good to read a more philosophical view about the subjects, it helps to understand better how other people might see the same "thing"..

I'm also thankful for the post You've made, for it raises awareness and questions AI in the minds of the readers, still have to read it in more detail, yet, it seems very good until now, even with small different points of view..

Have a great time, all the best friend ;) In Lak'ech

Thanks for sharing this link with me @cyberspacegod

I must admit that topics related to AI have been fascinating me for quite sometime already. And fascination comes along with fear about out future. I'm mostly afraid how will AI impact our human behaviours in the future.

The most scary combination is of course AI and 5G working together. Interesting times we're entering ....

Upvoted already :)


You're welcome @Crypto.Piotr ^^)

I've been fascinated with A.I. in the past too..

And I see it already having a huge subversive impact, while it could benefit us all in one or other way, but for that to happen the great majority would need to be very well "educated" about it before implementation, and most are not..

Definitely is the worst combination, 5G itself has no positive, A.I. has great potential but it is being used totally wrong, and shows no sign of turning into a good thing..

Thank You for the upvote and taking time to read and watch ;)

All the best,

I would not say AI is forgotten. I hear both Trump and Putin believe the future of global domination rests on the tech. If that's the case then I would consider that AI dev is being kept low key and out of mainstream conversation (even when subject matter is not overly technical).

Hey there @MachnBirdSparo,

First of all let me thank You for participating and sharing Your view.

Still, have to denote that I wasn't saying the A.I. was forgotten, only the ethics

"..small details like the ethics of A.I. are easily forgotten.."

And I totally agree with your point of view, and from what we see, one of two options, or it is fear/terror propaganda and 'they' don't have that much technology, still, want us to believe in it, or, as you said and well, 'they' are concealing much more than announced, in the MSM or otherwise.

Again, thank You for sharing Your short, yet accurate view ;)

Have an awesome time, all the best, In Lak'ech,

Hello dear @cyberspacegod, a very interesting topic that you share with us today.

Artificial intelligence threatens to throw millions out of work, which would be fine if the newly unemployed didn’t starve as a result.

I have really read a couple of times about this issue and with a similar approach, so much, that I am also concerned that many people lose their jobs because of the use of AI in the jobs they occupy, it is necessary to legislate or create protection programs that guarantee these people their right to work and earn a decent living, something must be done, not just throw them out and ignore the matter.

Thanks friend for sharing.

Dear @Funcho80,

Although I share the same concern as You, and totally agree that something must be done, kind of disagree with "legislation", but a sort of protection program, to guarantee that people won't be mistreated I fully support, as long as it is by the people to the people and not by the oppressive states/governments for their slaves, us!!

In the end the only option will be to end with the monetary system, money doesn't have any sense at this point in time, and to achieve that everyone would have to be "re-educated", unfortunately not that many people want to learn that they have been living a lie, for the most part 90% of jobs could be automatized, and people still would have a lot to do if!! We all understood the "fakery" money is and that it has only "psychological" value beside being a tool for mass controlling population, keeping them dependent on the ones enslaving us, for example, the money spent in military could simple solve any monetary problem in existence..

But this is a hard subject, as supposedly Mark Twain said? - ‘It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled’ and there is a question mark because there is actually no proof that he ever said or wrote those exact words, You can see that it will be hard to even "make" people see the truth, I can understand that someone who worked for 40, 50 or 60 years to acquire money for living will have a hard time accepting that they were lied all life..

It will be really hard, but we might get there somewhere in the future, or perish trying..

Let us have faith and hope, also work towards a better future for us and everyone around us, in the entire world, may God have mercy upon us, although it is our responsibility..

Anyway, thank You very much for sharing Your thoughts and interacting, it means a lot and helps to continue..

All the best to You and Yours, In Lak'ech

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