Largo Nordenskjold

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An old shot from Largo Nordenskjold in the Torres del Paine National Park. Patagonia, Chile. We did an 11 day hike around the main massif there. Such an epic part of the world. I would love to spend a bit more time there.


If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here.

Robert Downie
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Absolutely beautiful photography.

The water is a different shade of blue to what I usually see. Is it soaring to do with altitude again or the angle your were on when taking it?

I feel like we need to cure aging so everyone can do everything they want to do asks spend as much time as they want to spend in places 🤣

That distinctive shade of alpine lakes is from the glacial silt or flower that comes in the water run off from glaciers. Some info on it here

I learned a thing!