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RE: A Day With A Lineman #42 ~ First Snow of the Year

Looks like a fun day at work. The road you drove down while removing the trees from the power lines look like you're working in my neck of the woods. Many times I see electrical companies far from their home base when there are major power outages in other areas. Sometimes I'll see convoys of trucks from far away going to places in need. I was just wondering if you have ever traveled out of your area to assist another power company when they are in need of help?
I like the teamwork that you see in situations like this.


I never had the opportunity to travel to another state but a guy I work with traveled to NY for Hurricane Sandy. I also know guys in California that went to Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana.. As far as me... nope never got the opportunity. Here in WA there are a bunch of small utility companies and if a place gets hit really hard we all band together and get it done. I went to a fire up on one of the Indian reservations a few years back... fires are not fun at all!! Lol

Fire fighting is serious business. You've got to give credit to those firefighters in Australia, they have been at it for months.

For sure!!! Those forest fires/wild fires seem to never end. Sometimes we are there while the fire is still going just a few hundred yards away. Granted where we are the fire has already been and all the is left are house foundations, melted kids toys, and a puddle of aluminum from the aluminum fishing boat. It gets a little creepy at night when wondering the woods after a fire has ripped through and burnt everything. Silence... everything is black/gray and al I am trying to do is make sure all the Powerlines are up so we can energize it. Armed with a flashlight I could handle anything. HAHAHA. Then there is the black boogers that seem to be never ending when you blow your nose... HAHAHAHA nasty

Pulling up the rear has its own set of circumstances that sure as heck can play with your head, even if your physical well-being is not in peril. Just being there following the footsteps of the fire has got to be tough. To see people loose what has taken a life time to build can't be easy, especially for a family man like yourself.