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RE: A Day With A Lineman #7 ~ Testing, Locating, and Repairing High Voltage Underground Cables

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Do you not have problems with the concentric ground wires and copper being different alloys? You did not show the ground splice work.


No, the concentric wires are copper just coated with.... dang it I can't remember. The ground splice is just a simple side by side press connector with anti-oxidation goop in them. Nothing fancy. This area is the desert and is drier than a popcorn fart. Lol

This whole area of the system is getting rebuilt, one street at a time. Now days the concentric wires are covered by a hard plastic protective jacket. So the cable has another layer on it. Conductor, thin semi- conductive layer, insulation, thin semi-conductive layer, concentric wires and then outer jacket.

More protection, but more work to splice. You mention conduit, does the new underground stuff get put in conduit?

Yes, all of our underground gets put in conduit. Helps it last longer and adds another layer of protection just incase someone digs into it. Also we can install all the conduits in the early stages of a subdivision being built. Then pull our cable in when we need to. Also helps with heat distribution, which typically is a non issue.