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RE: A Day With A Lineman #42 ~ First Snow of the Year

I love these behind-the-scenes stuff.

I think people should check out how society is being maintained and learn to appreciate them.


That is one of my goals. We don’t just flip a light switch and Ta-Da the lights are back on. When we do Hot-Work it is the best, but we don’t like out photos taken while in the act. 😉 We had an employee that has worked here for over 20 years go out in the field and watch the crew change out a pole energized. The next day she grabbed me and said, “I had a respect for what you guys do, but that... took it to a whole new level”

I miss throwing on the Rubber Gloves and working 21,000 volts. Right in your face... HAHAHAHA Here in the PNW they only hotstick. No Glovey Glovey

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I understand that feeling when people realise what you do.

I work in the labs, so I've been behind-the-scenes for a long while. Even in college, I worked at the master control of the university's network.

I lurk in the shadows.

DAHAHAHA “lurk in the shadows” awesome!!! I tell people I am a Lineman and they say, “Aren’t you a little small to play that position?” No joke.

In California all the people waved at us with one finger and grannies would say, “F-U.. PG&E” As we drove by. I think their bill was a little high that month or something. Then again... you are in Cali....