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Who is going to buy my shitcoins??? Do you know that mow if you post anything throug any app like actifit or esteem, they take 3-5 percents of you post earnings, yes loves??? You all have been taxed!!! And the steemitblog still dumping their steem 🤣🤣😆 I found this game(money game) very stupid! It does not create anything and soon or later will die. Just make a few people richer 🤣😅😆 and the majority of people poorer. Talkshit 🤣😅😆

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I share your feelings. Yesterday i saw only two BUY orders for Afit, and I could easilly smash the price to 0.00 with only 1/4 of my liquid Afit's. So happy I got rid of my 1.5 mln junk tokens earlier, at some slightly better price

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I had high hopes for actifit but unfortunately they went in a different direction than what I would have liked. They made it about games and community more so than actually about fitness and i think that shows in their token price. The whole system is just gamed now by the top 25 afitx holders, basically enriching the small community that is willing to continue buying their worthless afitx token. I just wish i would of delegated my steem more wisely for the past 18 months 🤷‍♂️ oh well, they cant all be winners.. lol..