My Thursday Favourites #ccc 2.37!

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Happy Thursday my friends!

Gosh, time truly flies and it is a new week of ...


Contest Overview


  • A weekly themed contest with the weekly theme determined by yours truly 😁 and suggestions are very much welcomed.
  • All prizes will be sponsored by me!

This week's theme is:


My Favourite Mobile Phone Make/Model

  • Mobile phones have become a huge part of our lives these days. Most times, you use it out of necessity - to text, to make a phone call or for leisure - to take photos, to play games, etc.
  • Do you like your current mobile phone make/model?
  • Or do you dream of owning a particular mobile phone make/model?
  • Or do you miss your old mobile phone?
  • What feature/s do you like about the phone?
  • I invite you to share your thoughts / story with us.


How to enter?


  • Create a post answering theme above.
  • Please take a look at the next section on What makes a qualified #ccc entry (#ccc rules).

  • Here is a sample post by me for your reference 😉 - @marblely's favourite books.

  • Leave a comment on THIS POST with a link to your entry/post, to help me keep track.

  • If it is a valid #ccc entry (please read the #ccc rules section below), I will assign an entry number; otherwise, I will reply with any corrections needed.

  • Upvotes and resteems are very much appreciated but not mandatory.


What makes a qualified #ccc entry ( #ccc rules)?


  • 200+ words of original writing:
  • your post does not have to be in English. You can write in any language of your choice and I will use Google translator for your post or you can recommend to me a good translator that I can use 😎

  • or if it is an artistic expression in the form of art (any form of art / craft), share 3+ original art process/progress photos and preferably a description for each photo.

  • MUST use the #ccc tag as one of the first 5 allowed tags.

  • MUST include the invitation code below (including all the links) (copy the entire code and paste it at the end of your post - just like in this post):

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for [Guaranteed &#128077; Daily Income &#128181; and Payout &#128184; for Newbies (2.0) &#128031; &#128028; &#128027; in #ccc &#128099; and Follow &#128099; the Honor Code &#127941; - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)]( <br>AND <br>the [latest update]( <<< _please click to read._


How long does the contest run?


  • Contest will run from today, Thursday until the next Saturday (about 9-10 days).
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday.


💰 What are the Rewards / Prizes ? 🎁


  • 1 winner and 1 bonus winner will be randomly selected

  • Each winner will receive a little something 😎

  • Everyone who participates will receive a share of STEEM from this post's payout as my way of thanking each contestant for the effort that you put in, in entering the contest 🤗.

  • Upvote and Resteem from me 🙃.
  • Please note that I may take some time to upvote your post while I wait for my VP to recharge (to give you my best upvote value) and I may be late to comment too, but I will.


🏆 How will the winner be selected? 🏆


  • Each qualified #ccc entry will be assigned a number, e.g. Entry #1, Entry #2 and so on.

  • All winners will be randomly selected using


Come and join our #ccc weekly contests!


For the latest list of #ccc's running contests, check out @hive-166850 / @team-ccc!

For you who like playing Splintersland or would like to try, check out @team-ccc-monster!

#ccc community = #hive-166850!


This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)
the latest update <<< please click to read.

🤗😉 I look forward to your entry! 😍😎


Daily Activity,House Chores,Moving Around Office


Fine, have upvoted and resteemed to thousand followers.. Thanks to vote @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

Thank you!

Thank you @wakeupkitty!
You are:
Entry #1

Happy Sunday to yoU! <3

@marblely Thank you for the number! I wish you a great day. ❤️


Oh.. topic is Favourite Mobile Phone Make/Model :D

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Thank you!

Gracias @gertu!
You are:
Entry #2

Thank you @sarimanok!
You are:
Entry #3

Thank you for hosting this contest. Good luck to all the participants!
We gave you an upvote. Greetings @team-ccc

Thank you for your upvote!

Thank you @club12 / @mllg! Are you the same person?
I will put you as @mllg for this entry ok?
You are:
Entry #4
Have a nice Thursday toO!

I hope I made this in time. It's a bit rushed but I hope I didn't forget anything.

Here is my entry.

You are good @heartbeat1515. I am not strict, as long as you submit before Sunday when the winners are announced :D
Thank you for your entry!
You are:
Entry #5

Thank you so much. You guys contest from the ccc team are challenging and fun for me. Now I'm off to see the other. I'm planning to join in every contests. 2 years ago, I'm just writing. Now, I'm having more fun. Thanks to @wakeupkitty for inviting me to join the team and @davidke20 for giving me a push to join in contest.

@davidke20 want to join in? Still got time bosku. I'm wondering what mobile phone will you tell us about.

@chanelcalestus @zamifara

Banyak awal amoi. I'm not entirely sure if I can. My computer is giving me a hard time, upload fail, encoding fail, everything fail. Look at my posting frequency dropped to 1 post a day. I'm still trying to get my #fitness2020 post out. See if I have time at the office, to compile a post with my less favorite cellphone, for my favorite cellphone.

🤣🤣 Naik kereta api pergi kerja bah bosku. Itulah awal. Sa ada 2 jam atas kereta api.

🤣🤣 I'm boarding train to work sir. That's why I'm early. I have 2 hours on the train.

After the 2 hours then it would be less time until I went home again if the train is not broken again.

I hope your computer fix soon. Maybe because of the windows update or your hard disc is too full that your computer RAM can't carry. I've never posted through computer. I've always use my phone. Easier for me to back up to my gmail.

Bah... Computer spec is fine. Other uploads working correctly except 3speak. I'm sure 3speak working fine, may be some coding issue with my video that I'm not aware of. I should try dtube and YouTube. Thanks for the input babe !tip !shop

dtube is nice. YouTube is alright too but I'm not sure which one is better. Maybe I should try doing videos sometimes.

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O dear, what happened to your computer? Some driver not working? That must be frustrating especially when the error messages itself sound as cryptic as the problem.
Would love to read your view on the less favourites. There is still time before Sunday.

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Waa you both are equally awal although you are more awal than @davidke20 😁 What time do you wake up to catch the train?
Yes yes, do join. Because of the 200 words minimum, we have had entries to the various contests receiving nice upvotes from whales. And it is nice to see especially when you all have spent time and effort writing about the theme or topic we asked about.
When I first joined this platform, it was contests too that got me going and kept me excited especially when there are new things to write about, photos to capture and share plus you meet new friends from the communities of the contests you joined. You are on the right track 👍🏻

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I need to wake up at least at 4am and must drive to the station at 4.50am or at 5.10am max or I will miss the train. There have been frequent driving just to catch up with the train on It's next station.

I wish those whale would upvote me. LOL

Haha yah me too. Getting a whale upvote is like striking a lottery here, chances are super slim or none at all.

Gracias amiga!
Usted esta:
Entrada #6

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Gracias @theresa16!
Usted esta:
Entrada #7

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Gracias @daysiselena!
Usted esta:
Entrada #8

Thank you @wendyth16!
You are:
Entry #9

Thank you @olivia08!
You are:
Entry #10

Welcome @marblely.. If you're willing to join my contest, you have the chance to join now.

Thank you @kgwork!
You are:
Entry #11

I missed the upvote timing, so I'm sending you !tip 1 steem to @marblely for hosting an event, as sponsor. Here's my entry:

Thank you @davidke20!
You are:
Entry #12

Thank you for the 1 Steem sponsorship. I will use it for an additional bonus draw later :)

🎁 Hi @marblely! You have received 1.0 STEEM tip from @davidke20!

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Thank you!!

Hola amiga!
Usted usta:
Entrada #13