There Is Gold In Splinterlands🏆🎉🎊🏅: October 22 2019

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Hello friends🕺,

Thanks for dropping by and here is a summary of my actifit report today.

It was truly a very rainy day today because I woke up to hear the rain hitting hard on the roof of the house. Funny enough it was the loud sound of the thunder that woke me up and not the alarm clock. Lol. I decided I’ll work from home today as I had no appointments at the office and also it would be a drag to hit the road with this rain considering the traffic we experienced yesterday.

I managed to use the umbrella to go to the rabbit farm and feed them as my worker called early to say she couldn’t make it and we all know why, the RAIN. It reminds me of the song ”Blame It On The Rain” by a group made up of two young lads called Milli Vanilli although it latter turned out that they were not the ones singing the song i.e. it wasn’t their voices theu were just a cover. I really liked “their” songs as they were making hits that were popping the charts and they were very handsome guys too.

Anyways, I was confined to the house most time and I was reading and responding to emails, did some website editing stuff for a client sent some completed work over to a colleague for review and final deliver. After all those stuff I hit the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Gold League III Win

After lunch it was battle time again on the Splinterlands (Steem Monsters) games. My target for the day was to just maintain the Silver league level while I complete my daily Quest, but as it turns out I was 77 off the Gold league III level. So I said to myself, why I don’t blow this joint. Lol. I got the beating of my Splinterlands life mahn. Lol. I hate losing 3 games in a row but that was what I got today. I thank God I was able to recover and fight back and hit the Gold III league.

Gold League III

I even fought with @exyle and won and that was a surprice to me because I almost wanted to hit the surrender button but just said to myself “Why not watch how he plays?” As the game started I couldn’t really watch it but BOOOOOOM I made it, I won.Lol. You can find that battle in the link below:

It was a Demon vs Fire fight

A below is the last battle that took me to the Gold I league.

For today let me give you what flows with the weather situate. Lol. Peace.

Milli Vanilli - Blame It On the Rain

Thanks for reading my post, like I always say, upvote it if you liked it I’ll truly appreciate that. Keep your comments coming and follow me if you have not already done that. Again, thanks a lot for your support to me always.

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House Chores, Walking


Yeah, I don't like the rain too!

Lol. But i prefer it to extreme sun, that can burn you out.

OK, maybe I like the sun and then a few minutes of rain 😁😁😁

Great stepping 💪 🏃, at least you made it to 5k amidst all the rain ☔. Today the rain gave us a break but the forecast says it will be back tomorrow 😱.
Glad you are progressing well with the steem monsters game 🙌. Keep enjoying and winning.
Fantastic choice of song🎶 for the circumstances 😹. I remember Milli Vanilli. The grammy award they had won was taken away after they were caught red handed lip syncing. What an embarrassment 😱.
Wishing you an awesome Wednesday ahead 🎉. Enjoy your activities 👍 😀

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Thanks a lot buddy, the rain ain't relenting at all.

For the first time in DAYZZZZZ-it stopped raining and lo and behold, the sun came out! I almost wondered what that bright light in the sky was, lol! Here's to some of that sunshine heading your way @ketcom! Way to go on the new gold level on Steem Monsters! Good job at getting your @actifit steps of 5741 done as well. Have a nice night!

Lucky you, the sun you sent got hijacked on its way here. Lol.

It looks like it was raining gold in Splinterlands.

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Lol. And I saw some of it.

Rain everywhere... well I finally got some sun @ketcom, I really needed it!!😀
Working from home, and a good @actifit day very nice!!!!

Good for you, it is still raining down here Doc. Lol.

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It was an interesting rainy day, furthermore you still get almost 6000 steps, which is really impressive.

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I will continue with random upvotes in the future & wish you lots of luck. :)

Thanks a lot, you are appreciated. Cheers.