My Actifit Report Card: July 6 2019

in actifit •  8 months ago 

Yesterday's Fitbit a busy day today.

Dutch profile

A busy day today. With a birthday coming tomorrow I have to do more today. I'm 2 days behind the Fitbit posting so I lost 1 day because I fell asleep yesterday, but I'm grateful of the 1 day extra time to post the post. I try to do some translations of my own posts and post them on @greendelivernl also I will do some more streams so I can schedule them to compensate the no time or too tired days. I thought of a new series so that will be recorded too. I will do my weekly posts about @tipu and will do the monthly posts of the moneyjars if my kids.

So a little busy with the aquaponics post, the clean post and the witness update on the @greendeliverence account.

Alldutch discord for fun and support


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