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It's been one year and one month since I started to use Actifit, eat healthy, take some suplement pills to control my cholesterol, lipids and tricglycerids and excercise on an almost daily basis. The picture you see here and the blood levels were taken around January 10 but I wasn't able to post this until now. For control purposes, I decided to hold myself accountable to this #healthier2019 challenge and post an update every month and now, after one year on this challenge, I'm posting the outcome of the #healthier2019.

I've been taking my pills to control my cholesterol, triglycerides, lypids and sugar, so my blood levels are somewhat stable and definitely below my goals. This is good, it means I won't die anytime soon and at the same time it means that my energy and drive levels will continue to be amazing just as they have been over the past few months.

If you are not familiar with the #healthier2019 tag let me walk you through. As many people, I started January 1st with some New Year resolutions. One of these resolutions was to improve my eating habits and by doing it, to get my sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol levels and weight & BMI to a normal spectrum, a healthy spectrum.

If you want to check how I looked in January 1st and compare it that to how I look nowadays, you can check out my first post about having a Healthier 2019 here

MetricJan 1stApr 1stJuly 1stOct 1stJan 2020Goal
Wgt kg908584807978
BMI28.425.5252322< 20
Chol252150120180130< 200
TG642140100160120< 150
Lypids1250630540630520< 750

This is good, very good and it's partly thanks to @actifit. If you are not using it, what are you waiting for? Download it and like me, start getting healthier and fitter!

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Looking good brother! Great to see you here!

Good to hear from you man! What have you been up to?

Same old here in my world. Always fun and full of learning experiences with the family and all. I've somehow managed to tear my meniscus which is proving to be a hard lesson but I'll get over it as I do all plates thrown my way ;) I'm still here adding little bits and pieces of steem along the way building it up as I go. Seems many have left or are just taking a break from it with the prices? I think it'll all get a boost and turn around at some point. I really like just running into old online friends like you though. That's the beauty in all this. Looks like you're doing well? Always on the go in a new place with interesting stories to tell. I look forward to more of them.

Muy buen trabajo,saludos desde venezuela esperando su visita,un abrazo

Muchas gracias Petra! Saludos

Hey @anomadsoul, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

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Looking good buddy! I still cannot believe we didn´t make it to meet up in Playa. I was working out, running and playing basketball on those courts on the 10th Ave almost every day for 2 years... How come we didn´t meet up there? :/

Thanks man! It's been quite the challenge to keep eating healthy-ish and excercising almost daily but it's looking good now. I know, it was such a bad timing! I just came back a few weeks ago and I'm just staying for a few more weeks again before moving to Europe, perhaps there we'll have a chance to meetup :D

Hahaha I bet healthy eating is very challenging with all those El Fogons and Don Sirloins around you :D Enjoy your time in Playa and safe travels to Europe then. I am currently at one of the most remote corners of Europe (the Azores) but I will probably be back in Central Europe by summer, so hopefully, there will be a chance to meet up. Take care buddy.

I should keep track more on improving my health too. Even though I am not sick, but I am not 100% healthy either. Cholesterol level is slightly high and weight is at the border of being over weight. Short of breathe too... But then I am not really a outdoor sporty person. So I set my goal by walking more. Park my car slightly further, then walk. I will need to keep track more on this.

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I started doing it because it was already messing with my daily life. I was experiencing tiredness and loss of drive on a daily basis with no aparent reason and after several tests the doctor realized it was my cholesterol, triglycerides and lypids, so I HAD to take care of my health no matter what.

Exactly, start by setting achievable goals even if they seem like not very ambitious, as long as you commit to them and do it daily, you'll be one step closer to a healthier life.

So nice to hear from you, I'm glad you dropped by, thanks!

Wow. That's six packs sir. That's lovely. I will go for this soon. I love the idea of actifit workouts application. Great job sir.

How are your dogs 🐕 doing sir?

Not really man! I gotta keep excercising more to actually have a six pack haha but thanks! Definitely, everyone should use Actifit on a daily basis :D

Bro you look like terminator

Lol that's not true, but hopefully by January 2021 i will be like that!

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I congratulate you on the achievement, in your # healthier2019 challenge to adjust the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, lypids and sugar. To win in this you need willpower.
You look great and most importantly, according to your report you have gained in health.
I write down this personal challenge too, because I have to lose weight and adjust blood pressure levels. You will see me participating.
Have a great weekend, @anomadsoul
Te felicito por el logro obtenido, en tu reto #healthier2019 para ajustar los niveles de colesterol, triglicéridos, lípidos y azúcar. Para ganar en esto hace falta fuerza de voluntad.
Te ves muy bien y lo más importante, según tu reporte has ganado en salud.
Me anoto es este reto personal también, pues debo bajar de peso y ajustar los niveles de tensión sanguínea. Me verás participando.
Que tengas un excelente fin de semana

Well done, mate: you well deserve a fresh !BEER & !trdo
A huge hug!

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Thanks for the beer!

Yay for good :D Are you feeling good too? :)

Buen progreso, logrando metas propuestas en este año de seguro. Todo es cien por ciento actitud, mucho éxito. @anomadsoul

Good progress, achieving goals proposed in this year of insurance. Everything is one hundred percent attitude, much success. @anomadsoul

Doing 10k steps every day does make a huge difference. I remember breathing heavily as I walked fast up a hill near my house, now I don't change my breathing at all. I have been doing Buteyko breathing as well, I'm sure that helps too.

@actifit has probably added years to our life expediencies, as long as we don't get hit by a bus crossing the road :)

for you great effort and healty life you have erned 10 rmsfitness tokens

This is quite inspiring! The goal you set wasn't too utopical, rather realistic. Makes me think I should get my sh.. together and try get fit aswell.

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