My Actifit Report Card: January 17 2020

in actifit •  3 months ago  (edited)

Hey everybody,

Today was a pretty exhausting day, my son is not sleeping much at night 🙃 His teeth are coming in and he’s been really cranky and won’t go to sleep. Hoping to get past this soon. Luckily his mother and I can trade off and give the other person a break while we individually have him. After I dropped him off, I went to a place I almost never go to, kudos if you recognize it:

Thanks for checking out my Actifit post!

Daily Activity,Hiking,House Chores,Walking
130 lb
Body Fat

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Nice picture, @alexvanaken! Probably your son will become Actifitter as well!

Thanks man yeah he is already an actifitter but he just doesn’t have a device to track his steps yet 🤣

I'm familiar with Gunnison, Almont, Crested Butte and Lake City, but not much on the eastern side of the Rockies. Sorry your son is cranky. This too shall pass, my friend! Good job at getting your 5374 @actifit steps for the day. Get some rest tonight. 🤗

Those places are cool too! 🏔 🏔 🏔 🏔