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Winter has arrived in the UK - I know this because the grit trucks were out last night preparing the roads in case of frost this morning. I'm not a fan of the cold and so this year I have invested in a massive coat :D

Much of my planned activity for the winter will involve visiting the tiny 'gym' on side at the flat I'll be staying at from the middle of next month. Hopefully the treadmill, cross-trainer, and rowing machine will be in reasonable order, although I suspect they have seen better days.

As well as work, I've been busy doing a little rewards pool management today. To me, it's just as important as shit-posting multiple times a day, and so if you do have a habit of doing that, maybe you could help recover some rewards that are leaking out of SPORTS and compounding the price decline. Here are few suspects to start you off:

I can understand why many community members choose not to down-vote. I mean, who likes being called a 'cyber-bully', a 'racist', or a 'bigot'?.

If you are selected as a referee in the forthcoming elections, I suggest you use an account that is not known. Saying that, I'm not really sure how communications on Discord, which is the only way the referee's can communicate to each other, will work. Stuff for another day I guess.



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Can I leave comments like this "...." and get rewards please?!?! I want to get rewards with no work at all! Glad you pointed these out hadn't noticed the comment spams for rewards

You can give it a whirl if you like 😁

Yeah it’s an easy one to call, blatant abuse and needs to be kept in check before a trend develops.

dz is golden

i missed out on any upvotes on my comments, guess I am no longer allowed to eat with the cool kids like in that movie breakfast club, I 'll be the goth girl with messy hair, also occasional self uv I don't give a damn about , the circles where they do it hundreds of times sometimes in a day, diff story.

Removed the rest of the rewards from all those accounts. tomhall is an interesting one, he is a bigshot. Anyway, his salimbar account and actifit comment jerk is no more.

Cheers. I don’t recall seeing the salimbar account but am concerned that a guy with 57000 SP has resorted to mass upvoting of his own comments.

I took a few days off to contemplate our geopolitical wasteland whilst gaming and other important stuff, your coat is nice and I shall swing what lil power I have to help da tribe. I'm catching up, oh stuff is down, phooey

Hello sir as i wanted to start up the curation for sports token so just wanted to know that which bot do you use for upvoting people as i am in need of a fast bot which can upvote my handpicked author as soon as they post so please help me regarding it as manual curation is not possible from my side.


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Holy heaven! Now I can really appreciate the weather we have here. Although it can get to -25°C at times, yesterday you could go out in a T-shirt midday. Today it's another story, 9°C at the moment of writing (07:51) and raining. The first rainy day of the season. I guess Indian Summer is over.

Good luck with the coat and with the investment too. I'd love to see some profit finally 💰. I've been working hard on growing my wallet without any fiat investment and I guess I've been doing good but some appreciation of Steem would be good as well.

And finally sending you ☀️🌞🏖️

You should appreciate every ray of sunshine! The weather does sound varied over there, it’ll be cold cold cold until April now ⛄️

You have certainly been putting the hours in both here and on the bike, I hope one day it’ll all be worth it. Thanks for the sunshine!

I agree with you, Winter is coming sooner than we are expecting. We had some temps in the 20's F this weekend while we were camping. Thankfully we have heat in our trailer. I need to dig into my main account and figure out which of my autovotes are not really helping my curation. I thought about trying to remain anonymous for the ref voting, but there is a big push for transparency on the platform. I think those that try to remain anon will probably not get the votes they need to become one.

Heat whilst camping is a luxury indeed :)

I think those that try to remain anon will probably not get the votes they need to become one.

Hmmm, yes, I suspect you are right. Well I guess the elected refs will have to get used to name-calling :/

Hey, I think both of us have already been there. I have a feeling there will always be someone that doesn't agree or nitpicks. It's really too bad that some people take it all so personally.

good point but what seems to be happening after the last hardfork(s) in the mainland of steemit is it got real personal so it reflects in the price not being remotely what it used to be. no clue, also elected stake based refs which seem already picked , then nothing is gonna change on here and it will keep running pretty smooth

This is the only way you can make the community grow...
Sportstalk to the moon💖💖💖

I want to disagree with you, in fact, the distribution of flags should be strictly defined and revised radically, otherwise it is very harmful for the price policy of the token in the market, as it scares away potential investors. I'm afraid that we are still very far from the moon, but your optimism deserves respect!

Did you care to check out the posts he wanted to flag...
Stuffs like that killed weku

Weku? The Weku killed itself because it became a police state!

most things seem to fail because they either are under or over moderated or in some cases just scammy, the tribes seem to be doing pretty decent overall on riding the razors edge of it.

Looks like I've been fooled 😁
I wanted to reply to your other post but because you used the same photo twice, 🙈 I've made a mistake 😜

😂 brilliant. I should do this more often to get more messages here!

I do not wana get downvote. My english is not good. My pray you always enjoy winter. Lovely coat .😍 i love you.

Your English is ok and you seem like a nice person, thanks!

You just didn’t understand that with your actions you actually harm the price of the token and your occupation of remuneration pools is the beginning of the end of this project! You're not right about shit, the comments from the @magnata are no worse than yours, some are even better!

No sir. Your shit-posting and comment farming is will what end this project.

In the past two weeks, over 60% of your stake has gone to you and magnata, who shares the same Steem join month as you.

It’s not about quality of comment, that will always be subjective, it’s about systematically slapping votes on a batch regardless of the text. This is farming.

Shitty placement? Tell me, what benefits do your posts bring to the community? In a nutshell, I can give more information and usefulness than you do on 20 pages of text. Then you collect rewards, transfer to your second account and calmly sell coins on the exchange. So where is your concern about the fate of the project at that moment?

I on Steemit proved that @magnata is my wife and I have every right to raise her messages.

I can discuss for a long time that it is necessary to completely change the structure of projects of this type and I agree that flags are needed, but according to strict rules. However, I’m sure that people who have big money and who know how to count this money will never come here, only because some activist, like you, will be able to take away the investor’s profits, under the pretext of the low usefulness of the post, etc.

I didn't judge the comment on its content, only the fact you are upvoting far too many of them for my liking. It is no surprise to me that this is a family member. 2/3rds of your stake is going to your home, this is too much for my liking and I am free to choose what I downvote with my own stake, as are you.

You have sufficient voting power and therefore I do not dispute your right to dispose of it. I want to talk about something else, in order to increase the price of a token in the market, prohibitive measures will not help under various pretexts, we all need to think about how to attract investors to the project. I often compare projects of this type with cloud mining, and like there, everything is built on money, so socialism will not be here.

The investor must be convinced that he can choose how to mine the token, he can choose to curate, create posts, or even farm. Indeed, in farming there are many positive things, since many economies in the world have a tangible share of replenishment from farmers in the budget, it’s just that this direction needs to be regulated here.

Everyone is free to choose their own direction, 90% of my weekly VP goes out to others, and 60/90% (including another account which you vote and they send the reward to you to send to an exchange) of your vote is going to 'family'.

Have a think about which approach is trying to grow the community.

Your approach is noble for community development and I hope you are right. Ok, let's try to develop according to your system, I hope that this helps all of us on our way and we will succeed.

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