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RE: AskSteem: Are you claiming your free Steem accounts?

in #accountslast year

I might have 30 by now. I keep forgetting to claim them :0/


ò.ó place an alarm every 5 days lol

Ya know, that ain't such a bad idea!

I never have bad ideas!

Except for that one time I wanted to create a service where you could buy a cup of coffee for an upvote, that may not go through so well anymore with the curve and free downvotes. XD

Ha! See, I love that idea though. Proper utility of steem! I world probably have to power down to pay for all the coffee u drink :0D

We could've had some nice things with linear but all we could come up with was bid bots. :3

And amazingly, some still claim those were the glory days... 😕

Yep and attack downvoters who don't want to leave marketing free or giving a majority of rewards back for trending. Oh well, maybe they'll learn at some point or new users join that aren't as shortsighted. :P

Can only hope they will learn but somehow....