AskSteem: Are you claiming your free Steem accounts?

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Hey everyone! Been noticing a lot of users recently that have their RC at 100% and aren't claiming accounts, figured a post reminding them about why it would be a good decision to spend some time claiming them could be good for the future. A lot of big accounts are claiming accounts right now and this in turn increases the cost of actions on the blockchain through RC, good thing is that these parameters can be increased or decreased depending on the need. If you aren't claiming accounts though it could mean that you are letting the others claim more - in a way.

Who knows with the demand of accounts in the near future, right now there of course is not a lot and @steem (steemit's account) is the one still creating most of new accounts while claiming new ones with their RC. Right now for example they still have 36,900 accounts ready to be created for new users looking for one and as far as I'm aware their account creation times have decreased by a lot since they annouced it in a @steemitblog post some time ago. It's always handy to have a few claimed accounts available though instead of having to pay 3 Steem to create one if you stumble on someone who wants one or you have friends you want to invite yourself to Steem.

One site I use mainly for this and because of the ease of claiming multiple accounts at once is, here is a screenshot of me letting the bot claim accounts for me:


It is really convenient and you can just let it work while it depletes your RC. It will also let you know how many accounts you have and how many you could potentially create with your liquid Steem!


The invite system is also really great, you can send someone and invite either to their email or just create a link to send it to them directly, this is what I've been doing when inviting new Gods Unchained players onto Steem and it has worked great so far! All they have to do is choose a username and save their seed + keys and then you create it with your active key and they can use the account, but remember to spare so SP delegation so they can use it more too. I believe with 0 SP you can still comment a few times per day but already with 15 that increases to 10+ comments I think, and these problems will of course go away soon when we'll implement the planned resource credit delegation too. Making it so that people who invite a lot of users don't have to be delegating out a ton of SP meaning they'd lose out on curation rewards because of it, they can directly delegation RC instead and since the majority are constantly at 100% RC when using Steem regularly they are not going to miss it unless they really like claiming free accounts. :P

Another site you can use is (created by @steemchiller) and similar to (created by @pharesim) they won't store your keys as they are just kept on your browser so they are safe to use. You'll just have to use posting + active key of course so don't keep too much liquid on your account in general to remain safe, remember that savings exists allowing you to withdraw funds within 3 days.

So anyway, are you consistently claiming accounts? Why not if no? :)


Definitely! I have 626 now and keep claiming about 14 every 5 days through Steemworld. I have enough to onboard my entire company and one day I plan on building a community for them and delivering all who want a personalized account.

Great idea :D can't wait to see the amount of different communities and everything they will accomplish.

If I can time and plan it right, there are plenty of coders and app builders in the group who might develop some pretty great stuff :)

I'm a little bit confused.. Do you need to keep track of the pass keys aswell... Like how does this work... Is it even allowed to own 4k accounts

Nah they're more like tickets to create an account, offers the tool to claim them with your SP/RC and also create them safely for other users without you or the site needing to store the keys, only the user receiving the account.

Oh. I see.... But I can't seem to be claiming.. How much steem power should om you have to claim

I think it's around 7k but it fluctuates.

Oh damn that's alot.. Haha ok Thnx bud... I'ma try do that next year.

I've got about 85. I do a dew every few days. I was wishing a tool like SteemInvite existed where I could just send people an account. Didn't know it already did.

I think I'm still too tiny to get them with RC XD (I bought one with steem once just because I wanted to see what that particular option did in steemworld, so now I'm the proud owner of one single solitary accont claim ticket)

I've claimed a load of accounts (40 right now), but am struggling to find recipients. I am advertising this option on Twitter again. I will delegate to new accounts I create to start them off.

I claim accounts using a bot. I'd love to be able to give these tokens to a community faucet, but RC delegation would work just as well.

Only started realising what the whole claim account thing was until a month or two ago. Didn't realise what it was really but now it's going to be pretty key to bring new people through a referral-esque type scheme.

I'll get that bot to work that you mentioned, think that will take away the having to remind myself to claim some accounts and do it automatically, can probably only claim 1 per day or something but why not 😁

Don't have a lot of SP, so I don't have to worry about it on a consistent basis.

I just claim 1-2 every couple of days.

I have claimed around 25 accounts so far, I claim them every time I visit Steem World, so every other day and sometimes daily if I'm feeling lucky with curation posts! It's probably going to start rising faster since it was just recently that I became able to claim multiple accounts per week!

i have been doing it manually on steemworld , would be good if chiller can add the auto claim too =)

btw @acidyo you know of any working steem richlist and follower sp tools ?
steemd, steemfriend and steem spect used to works but all are down now.

I think @themarkymark had one called usesteem but don't remember the domain.

thanks, the site is also offline. wonder if someone else gonna come up with those. but I turned it off for a bit as I don’t have steemsql subscription anymore. Working on a new solution that isn’t dependent on SteemSQL.

I have a few tools there.

waiting for the site to be up again

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I've used these account creators (mostly Steemworld) and created quite a few accounts for people. It's good to have at least 5 to 10 tokens in the bank for when people need it, if there were a shortage, I would just ask for some invites. The fact that it costs 1 to 3 Steem is rather insulting and should only be there to prevent spammy abuse but when someone legitimately wants an account it should be free.

Oh yes.. got lots!

I might have 30 by now. I keep forgetting to claim them :0/

ò.ó place an alarm every 5 days lol

Ya know, that ain't such a bad idea!

I never have bad ideas!

Except for that one time I wanted to create a service where you could buy a cup of coffee for an upvote, that may not go through so well anymore with the curve and free downvotes. XD

Ha! See, I love that idea though. Proper utility of steem! I world probably have to power down to pay for all the coffee u drink :0D

We could've had some nice things with linear but all we could come up with was bid bots. :3

And amazingly, some still claim those were the glory days... 😕

Yep and attack downvoters who don't want to leave marketing free or giving a majority of rewards back for trending. Oh well, maybe they'll learn at some point or new users join that aren't as shortsighted. :P

Try this Your RC will never go up to 100%

I now better understand why my RC never go up to 100% 😂
Thank for mentioning it @mmmmkkkk311

Nice I need to check that out!

Du bist einer der größten Spinner die hier auf STEEMIT sind!

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I really don't like using my keys, I don't trust anybody lol

I really don't like
Using my keys, I don't trust
Anybody lol

                 - cyberblock

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

You could claim via SteemPeak. It uses Keychain.

Not enough SP... :(

I have 38 now. I am claiming 1 every second day or so :D

Always claiming my accounts - it can be done through Steempeak so it's really convenient.

I might start when I will have more energy. ;)

I haven’t been paying attention to this thanks for reminding and showing which site to use for claiming accounts !

Didn’t know this was a thing. It’s cool we can help people out like this. Hopefully we can stop the bot before it takes us to 0% though. I don’t know to much about the resource credits but that doesn’t sound like it would be a good thing.

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@acidyo I want to look into claiming accounts also. In the meantime, what do you think about THIS new platform?

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"We reward users for on-boarding other users — in perpetuity," Towles remarked. "That's the way it should be."


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I have a claim tool on Github for free as well.

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