How to get a smooth downvote? Just flag one of the #introduceyourself abuser's post!

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Delegation from @steem should cease.

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Lorem Ipsum Abuse

I received yesterday a downvote from elsazu. I checked the profile and see that it is not a curator but an abuser.

Reputation 29, the account has a unique #introduceyourself post, 16 days old and worth $0.04. I call that a Lorem ipsum post. Content is bullshit random text. There are plenty of them in #introduceyourself

The abuser created the account using the Steemit account faucet for no charge. He followed and voted for witness some well choosen accounts that have upvoted the post since that.

Screenshot  13.10.2019  17:10:47.png

No organic vote, only bots: @partiko, @haccolong, @hoaithu,
@globetrottergcc, @anhvu, @vnminhanh, @vacuity, @tuanis,, @drveni and even @goodcontentbot!

I downvoted

16 days is too old to impact on rewards but I downvoted the post anyway. The downvote is free, no? So let's play Downvote for downvote a bit...

Following the #newsteem wishes, I downvoted some other lorem ipsum posts, leaving a comment for the abuser:

Downvoted cause random text.

Let's see...


Guess who came a few hours later for downvote revenge? A whale!
Screenshot  13.10.2019  14:24:15.png

A Whale!

A whale who earlier performed $100s shitposts, has now stopped posting, started downvoting and writing white knight comments (I only gave bidbots 60 cents to promote my post).

I guess smooth is the owner of all the Lorem Ipsum accounts I have downvoted:
elsazu, juntre, refilec, sanizat, vrujko, civeau, netcrisk, afrigze, edreisol, truvuni, drefity, plaveir, ikpay, milghy, grezapo, sibyr.

Steemit Delegation Abuse

Delegation from @steem is stealed and used to downvote other accounts. Delegation from @steem should cease.


Is my account dead? Maybe, let's see... If so I will return to the King: Bitcoin. I already lost enough satoshi by not stucking to bitcoin and by trading altcoins.
Screenshot  13.10.2019  17:01:43.png
Not a financial advice.

Don't downvote

It's not a game for minnows.

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It's camille. It's very camille, she has her patterns. Am probably going to make a post showing all these accounts with pending payouts and hopefully, we can get them flagged.

See all my latest posts:


Right. I also found camille while searching about smooth. For sure, smooth is camille.

that's a bit out there tbh... why would @smooth, with something like millions in stake, bother to run these weird faucet puppets?!? that just doesn't make sense.

I think the flag is probably only coincidentally at the infamous 10% level and was actually targeted at "reversing" the paid vote?!?

I definitely can't imagine camille and smooth being in any way associated

I do not know camille but I've read a few bad things about her.

Some millionars are bored and play with puppets. A signup on Steemit does not require a captcha, so the process can be automated. 33 plankton accounts like these together equal a minnow account.

You are right, the same voting percentage as small accounts should normally be a coincidence.

I flagged very few before and had never interacted with smooth. I once got flagged by spaminator because I promoted my service in the wrong place. One reputation point lost, it was well deserved.
I sometimes got downvoted randomly by small accounts like these, like a lot of other users.

I downvoted 17 times in a row, I wondered who was going to react, and smooth came. It is not a coincidence.

He can listen to the transfers but I have already used bidbots a little more before and he never downvoted me.
I flagged and he reacted. He did not intervene randomly. He is listening to the downvotes against these bots.

@cadawg's comment reminded me that when investigating about these accounts, I saw camille's name on steemd (I did not captured it and should search again).

Why would a millionar bother to watch the downvotes pass in the blockchain?

These camille-flags are like mosquitos. They're buzzing around everywhere and they get annoying quickly, but ultimately they're quite harmless.

Steemit Inc could be a lot quicker killing these accounts' delegations for sure, that would be nice... but well...

I am 100% convinced it is NOT smooth though.

These accs will grow in numbers and strength! All you have to do is dig in the transactions.. There are dozens of 0.001 STEEM moving towards camille as I am writing...

yeah... and honestly, that's the real shocker: it's so easy to spot all these sockpuppets just by tracking who sends stake to camille - and yet steemit inc takes forever to remove the 15SP starter delegations from them!

Sorry, but I have nothing to do with any of that stuff, I don't even follow it enough to know what you are talking about.

Most of my downvotes these days are either seeing overly high (in my subjective opinion) payouts on trending or still overly high (if generally smaller) payouts I see when randomly clicking around the site, often on the Hot page. Also spammers, and when I see something that looks like a voting circle or milking. But overall, every single one of my downvotes is opinion, not anything strategic or retaliation.

My downvotes are just opinion, nothing more.

Despite these coincidences and as @fraenk and @guiltyparties say here, you are not camille. I apologize for my mistake.

The post was not in the trending page nor in the hot page. Without HF21, there would be dozens of posts relating the news with high payouts. Post-fork, this news was not on Steem. Facebook forced by court to remove a post worldwide.

Overly high is your opinion.

Overly high is your opinion

Yes of course. I never claim otherwise.

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Hi @droida, just did an article yesterday about camille. Getting massive downvotes, cause l'm marking EVERY downvote bot acc, but I don't care 🤣 The truth will prevale🙏😉 You got my UPVOTE bro😋 Here's my article. Peace!

It's a whale and it's not @smooth. There are dozens of these bot/transit accs! Maybe even hundreds...


This is a coincidence. @Smooth is not 'camille', which is another name for the 'Steemit Defense League' troll botnet. I'm not sure what Smooth flagged but he has absolutely no relationship with those accounts. I can attest to that as I investigated those accounts transaction by transaction when they were launched.

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