If there was a message you had to get out to a large group of people, what would it be?

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This is my response to @abundance.tribe's bi-weekly question


I had a few ideas about this initially…. Join Hive, buy Bitcoin, buy crypto, buy HIVE, 'don’t trust the banks' were all candidates.

As were things like ‘learn to live with less’, ‘skill-up’, ‘get off-grid’ and various slogans along the ‘prepare for the reset NOW’ theme.

Of course the two are related - buying crypto and getting set up with decentralised social media are both strategies to secure your finance and communication base, which are in turn useful, if not essential pillars of a prepped future.

I toyed with the idea of ‘just sit there’, as in the Buddhist notion of realising happiness in non-activity, which I think probably is the most important teaching/ message, but hardly one anyone would listen to it, or it would be misinterpreted so it would be wasted.

So iI had to select one simple message to get across to every single person, it’s probably this:

Trust Yourself.

This is because I just have this feeling we’re going through a process in human history of mass disempowerment through uncertainty and increasingly we’re being asked to trust national leaders and now big Pharma to get us out of the current mess we’re in, while the actions governments are taking are likely to send us deep into a global recession, which, as has always been the case, will affect the poorest and most vulnerable the most.

And we’re also rushing headlong (I wish I could say drifting, but it’s more rapid than that) into a hyper-surveillance civil society in which people are increasingly suspicious of the neighbours and fellow citizens.

So in the midst of all of this chaos and uncertainty, I think it’s important to remember you just have to trust yourself - what I mean by this is you need to look to yourself to find a way through this corona-carnage. Don’t rely on the government or big Pharma to come to your rescue, that’s giving your power and independence away.

NB I’m not saying Covid doesn’t exist I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the vaccine, but what I am saying is don’t spend too long listening to or dwelling on what the authorities tell you, certainly don’t watch the mainstream news, it’s all distorted beyond belief.

And try to find your own way through this mess - personally what trusting myself means to me is prepping for a DIY future, learning to live with less, getting off-grid, supporting the Hive blockchain and securing my communication threads and buying and holding crypto.

All of these things make me less dependent on the authorities and their declining fiat mainstream economy as we go into what’s probably going to be a dire few years for many, many people!

Oh look, I seem to have someone crammed all of my original ideas into that one message: Trust Yourself!


A great message,I wish more people would trust themselves, instead of following what is being pushed on them. Thanks for answering xx

It's also a response to the increasing amount of uncertainty and anxiety out there, nothing cripples someone's soul quite like those!

If there was a message you had to get out to a large group of people, what would it be?

Don't post on hive - no one's watching! lolol

It's gonna be beyond difficult for lots of people - people who've never had to think - or do - for themselves.
'Psychotic break', kinda tough, I'm afraid.

No one's watching

True, maybe the question should have asked 'how are you gong to get the message out?'!

It will be hard - but people can either suffer and die without adapting, or adapt and then probably still suffer and die anyway.

There's some comfort in that thought at least.

...full of optimism, then? lol

I'm a glass half full kind of guy.

realising happiness in non-activity, which I think probably is the most important teaching/ message, but hardly one anyone would listen to it,

Haha, well, there's a lot to be said for relying on good old Buddhist messages. If you do the work to understand them that is.

I think trusting yourself works on a few levels. I've been thinking a lot about how we are taught to trust our heads more than our hearts. We believe we are thinking beings with feelings, but really we're feeling beings with a few thoughts. Most of our intelligence comes from all the networks of nerves, fascia, the skin and so on, sending messages that help us navigate the world. But we're told to ignore those signallers and simply rely on the brain's interpretation of them, which can filter it in all kinds of ways according to how we are conditioned to respond to things.

So we ignore the messages that are actually hidden in our language - butterflies in the tummy, shivers down the spine, and so on. The body knows - we just need to listen.

And cut out the noise of Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Media and all the Bigs that tell us to listen to them, above all, and plant thoughts in our head that are designed to supersede gut reactions, our heart's knowing, our skin's needs.

So yeah. Trust yourself.

Oh crikey you sound like you're going full on hippy!

But the head doesn't know everything you are right!

erm... I guess you wanted to call to @riverflows "tree-hugger" since I suspect hippies are solely the spooky old chaps like me. Hahahaha

I think tree hugger might suit her better in fairness!

That's a message I'm onboard with, for sure!


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