Slave or Slavemaster: Abundance is Illegal

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Best case scenario

So what are you going to do with all those millions of dollars acquired by being an early adopter of the cryptosphere? You gonna buy that Lambo, or try to empower your fellow man?

Not so fast.

Better opt for the Lambo. Individuals are allowed to break free from the system and live in abundance, but they aren't allowed to unshackle the rest of us.

Abundance is Illegal.

More of an unspoken agreement. Rich people get rich by standing on the backs of the poor. Great leaders who might threaten the status quo have a mysterious way of ending up deceased.

Christmas 2017

When I first got here I wrote a post about Satoshi Nakamoto's secret identity. I even promoted that post for 6 SBD ($60) and earned far less in return.

What happens to great people who try to challenge the establishment? What happened to Jesus Christ? What happened to Socrates? What happened to Julius Caesar? What happened to Martin Luther King? What happened to Abraham Lincoln, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Malcolm X, JFK, Hypatia, Bruce Lee, ETC. ETC. ETC. In case you don't see the pattern, everyone that challenges the establishment dies, either outright or under mysterious circumstances.

In any case, the need for anonymity is obvious. Ideas cannot be killed. Some might make the argument that Satoshi Nakamoto would have been just fine if they had revealed themselves. The cat was already out of the bag, and there was no incentive to take them out; the network was already up and running.

This is true, but what if Nakamoto is still fighting the man? Who is the author of MimbleWimble privacy protocol? If that's also the work of Nakamoto it would have definitely led to assassination. Can't have them building a third thing, that's for damn sure.

And doesn't it make sense that the anonymous creator of Bitcoin created an anonymous way to transfer crypto? So meta right now. The only way to fight the powers-that-shouldn't-be is from the shadows; they are far too omnipotent to do otherwise, and Nakamoto clearly understands this.

Not to mention the whole concept of immaculate conception. Because the creator of Bitcoin is anonymous, there is no country to associate it with. If Bitcoin was "made in ______" far less people would trust it. Instead Bitcoin is now viewed as a neutral commodity, and that attribute seems to somehow be inherited by the entire cryptosphere, along with so many other benefits.

born a slave.jpg

Slave or Slavemaster: Choose One.

Most people don't get the choice. We are born into our class and it takes a lot of work and luck to move out of it. The problem with modern slavery is that it exists on a spectrum. We can't even get people to agree on what slavery is because everyone has their own opinion on the matter.

At what hourly/yearly rate are you no longer a wage slave? Is it really tax slavery if you're already a multi-millionaire? What if you don't have any debt to make you a debt slave?

Interestingly enough, you can still be a modern slave yet also live in abundance. Abundance is a state of mind more than anything else a lot of the time.

Do we think Jeff Bezos lives in abundance because he has the money to do so? We shouldn't. If Bezos was living in abundance he would be providing a lot more value for the world and taking a lot less for himself at this point. The truth of the matter is that he literally isn't allowed to, and he probably doesn't want to anyway. This applies to all the billionaires of the world.

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”
---Matthew 19:24

I gotta say it feels pretty damn weird to quote the Bible as an atheist.
Interpret that how you like.


Dependent on the system.

Humans are small and weak and can't accomplish anything on their own. Banishment from society is a death sentence. We thrive on network effect and working together, but our social/political systems do not scale to the levels we need them to.

We will always be dependent on the system.

The question is: which system will that be?

Blockchain tech is proving that there is a better way to rapidly prototype governance structures. Bitcoin started this movement with the most basic and important concept: Stop inflating my currency and telling me who I can and cannot send value to. It's only grown from there, and will continue to do so indefinitely.


The transition and disruption of these superior economic foundations and governance structures are going to rock the very core of our very existence. The legacy economy will strike out more violently with every last one of its dying breaths. Everyone who stands in the way of this tidal wave openly will be destroyed. Take up surfing instead.

Steem has a lot of counter-culture libertarian anarchist homesteading prepper conspiracy type people on it. We all think we're doing our part to shine a light on world corruption and hold the monsters in power accountable for their actions. We all want to lower our dependence of the grid.

However, if any of us were even a shred of a threat to the establishment we'd of been black-bagged a long time ago. Consider dropping the ego at the curb and watering down those delusions of persecution and grandeur. Our lives might depend on it one day.

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Youre an atheist? Wtf
How? Why?
Do you believe in materialism and believe that they can Proof that no god and no soul and no spirituality exists in this universe?

Religious believe they know a god exists.
Atheist believe they know the opposite.

Agnostics give no fucks cuz how the fuck do you wanna proof Either way?
You can't.
And if you try to, one of your brain hemispheres will dominate over the other.

Be cautious

I used to call myself an Agnostic, but that would imply what one of the established religions could have gotten it right, which they didn't. The multiverse is far too complex for our tiny human brains to comprehend so we have to make stuff up.

How does that imply it?
Agnostics just dont know and also dont care to know or realize they cant know of Either there is a god or definetely not. How should anyone know?
And you can especially not proof that there is none via materalistic science (physics, should better focus on dark matter and energy anytime soon..)

I think youre an agorist - even though it has nothing to do with beliefs or physics more with economy ;]

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