The Monster (2016).

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Kathy, is a young single mother with many problems and one of them, learn to be a responsible mother. Lizzy is her only daughter, who sometimes seems to have more sanity than her own mother. Due to all the deficiencies and deficiencies received from the mother; Lizzy has developed a rage for her and her greatest desire is to turn away from Kathy. Coming to the most extreme decisions, Lizzy wishes to leave her mother's house and go to live with her father; That is why Kathy must take her there and embark on a journey. During the trip, they make few stops to arrive soon at the father's house, and even longer the road turns the silence of both. Night falls, but at about 12:15 midnight and with a lot of rain, they hit something that crosses the road and causes a crash that breaks the car and at the same time, Kathy is hurt. After regaining consciousness, they call emergencies to request an ambulance and a car crane; while that happens Kathy gets out of the car to check that they have hit and bumps into a wolf but at the same time notice that the wolf was not alone and was not the only thing they had hit. Fearful and full of doubts, they return to the car to wait for help; from which soon the lord of the Crane arrives, called Jesse who arrives and checks the car diagnosing to be the axis who had been damaged and decides to verify if he can repair it.

Meanwhile, Kathy and Lizzy wait in the car and notice that the wolf had disappeared and soon after they notice that Jesse has also disappeared. After a few minutes, they see an arm drop on their windshield and they die of fear as they are eaten by an ominous being. They hide in the car in silence and trembling; while the beast roams outside; Kathy is taken out of the car by the monster and at that moment the ambulance arrives, who ends up running away from the monster. Paramedics take Kathy and take her inside the ambulance to help her; but everything is in vain since the beast also attacks and murders paramedics. Kathy and Lizzy try to escape, but the beast turns the ambulance and leaves them badly injured. Kathy, observe that the beast flees to the light and devises a plan to be the decoy while Lizzy her daughter escapes; doing this Kathy ends up being more hurt and devoured by the beast and Lizzy does not run away to stay with her mother who lies to death on the ground bleeding to death. Lizzy with tears stays in the ambulance and cries the loss of her mother, hoping that fate will receive from the beast. At the same time, he devised a plan to attract the beast and set it on fire; when he claims he is not afraid of him. It is here when her mother's memories come back and stir her feelings.

My Opninion:

A film that develops the panorama of a relationship of mother and daughter atrophied, while this is loaded with love, sacrifice and pain. Many times the worst lessons can be learned in the worst moments, and this film has that atmosphere as the center, because Kathy's great imperfect love comes up when both are about to die at the hands of a carnivorous beast. Honestly it is a film set correctly according to the developed story and both main characters make you feel the events as if they really happened in front of your eyes.

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