The lntruder (Movie Review)

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At all a cost, a husband is meant to protect his wife even if the disagree on certain things at home.


Movie: The Intruder
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Director: Deon Taylor
Runt time: 1hr 42m
Released Date: May 2019
Cast: Michael Ealy, Meagan Good, Joseph Sikora, Dennis Quaid

Synopsis: The story of couples who bought a house, not knowing it was a home that the purchased.

Scott and Annie Howard (Michael Ealy & Meagan Good) purchased a house in Napa valley from Charlie (Denis Quaid).

Charlie is a wierd loner who lives in a full estate property by himself. Scott and Annie came by to observe the property they are buying, the decided to get a full view of the property downhill valley, only to encounter Charlie shooting a deer that was close by to them, it scared the hell out of them.

When the finally reached a payment agreement, and Charlie gave them a tour of the house, Scott observed subtly how Charlie felt when he was talking about changes he was going to put in once the move in. But brushed it off as nothing of concern.

Charlie was obsessed with the house after selling it off to them, he showed it several times by coming by to the house claiming to check on them and mowing the lawn without their consent telling them not to allow the grasses to over grow. Deep down Scott he always knew there was something off with the man and his attitude, when ever he presents it to Annie, she will over look it and tell Scott to feel for Charlie, that he lost his wife and now his house.

Meanwhile Charlie always tell them that he will be living the country to go and stay with Daughter. Days pass by and Charlie is still within town, the annoying part is he always come bearing gifts for them.

Then on thanksgiving day, Scott invited his friend Mike (Joseph Sikora) and Annie invited Charlie over to return his affection and kindness towards them. At the dinning was when Mike observed that Charlie was still clinged to his old house, when Mike went to urinate outside the house, Charlie came by talking about how he is effecting the flowers down below and Mike noticed the expression on his face as he put off his cigarette on a carved stone in the compound.

After Charlie was gone, Mike told Scott and Annie that he feels Charlie is still obsessed with the house, Scott remarked that he has been saying the same thing but Annie wouldn't accept. Then Mike observed that the house was too open, one could really see whats happening inside from the woods.
So, Mike and Charlie decided to go and survey, as the approached the road side from the woods, the noticed a car revised and sped off.

I wouldn't like to be a spoiler, but sincerely all there doubts where real.
And they had a minimal chance of survival against Charlie.
The Intruder is really an interesting movie to rewatch, it have lots of lessons to learn as couple goals and being aware of your environment. Also getting to face and conquer challenges.


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Ratings: 9/10


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