[Series Critics] The Night Of

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It's no secret that the HBO series have been doing a wonderful job at the level of drama and suspense, giving us stories with a plot quality that compares to the best film productions that can be done right now, in fact I would dare say that the HBO series has even better plot quality than many of the films that big producers are betting on, yes, lately the films have taken very slow steps when it comes to building stories that catch us and build exciting stories. In short, I do all this preamble because I want to share my review of a really exciting and emotional series, a series that through typical scenes and situations manages to build a whole gloomy atmosphere where the feelings we feel for the protagonists are very diverse.


The Night Of is a really intense series with a touch of fantastic dramatic suspense that is built from the mysterious (not so mysterious) murder of a young girl, a young girl who is brutally murdered in his house. The fascinating thing about all this is the conditions in which this young girl is killed, because everything starts when she met a young Arab who was going to a party in his father's taxi and pick her up to serve as chauffeur. Basically what we have is a macabre storm of events that escalate and change the lives of two young people, one being murdered and the other being blamed for a super strange crime that nobody knows how it really happened. As I told you, a young man steals his father's taxi to go to a party but while he was at a traffic light a young woman enters the taxi and asks him to take her to various places, something this shy young man does, and God! Perhaps he shouldn't have done it because after his encounter with the young girl, a night would break out where little by little these two young people meet and end up starring in a night of excesses and lust in the girl's apartment, a night of lust that ends with the death of this poor girl.


What is really interesting is not the death of the girl, but the strange conditions in which her death occurs because no one ends up discovering what happened that night and instead they decide to blame a young man, who due to the use of drugs and alcohol does not remember anything, a young man who only remembers waking up and finding the young woman dead, something that obviously impacts him mentally and makes him run away leaving the scene of the committed crime.


The plot of this series takes us step by step through the process of investigating a crime, showing us the different social and political escalations that the murder of a young woman and the implication of a young Arab brings to this whole affair, since we can see how having been blamed for a crime that he did not commit totally changes the life of a shy, quiet and good young man, a young man who once inside the prison is absorbed by the hundreds of vices that develop in those places. Little by little the series allows us to see the interior of the prisons in its maximum expression, being able to explore the different tactics that the inmates use to obtain benefits and above all to exercise social control over other people. It is really impressive to see the evolution of a young man who enters being someone good but ends up becoming someone broken, addicted and with violent thoughts that from now on make him see and live life differently.

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You could say that this is a very critical series, but the truth is that I didn't feel it so much, for me this series exposes in detail the common vices found in the American judicial system, a judicial system that often draws hasty conclusions but finally judges everyone equally (sometimes), What I mean is that although the main suspect here is a young man of Arab descent, we never see any hint of racism or very strong xenophobia, the young man receives the same corrupt treatment as the other inmates and is thrown into an abyss that totally transforms him.

The series does a great job at a plot level and in terms of character construction because we see a great diversity of genius interpretations that often steal the protagonism for how good and peculiar they are (The Lawyer). Undoubtedly a light series, entertaining and very well developed.


Series Score: 8,6/10