[Films Critics] Cast Away - Contest Entry Week #4

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Here is my entry for the Triple AAA contest --> FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION (#01): "Favorite Directors" You guys should check it out and participate.

Director of week #4: Robert Zemeckis

There are exceptional directors who usually become known for very famous and entertaining sagas and not for their best movies and I think that is the case of Robert Zemeckis, a director we all know for being responsible for having carried out a truly incredible cult saga that managed to become a saga for geek lovers, a saga of really entertaining films that somehow obscure other wonderful works by this director like Cast Away, a fantastic film that manages to establish a great rhythm from an unprecedented tragedy, a tragedy that completely changed the life of a man and that made him evolve and survive in solitude.

Yes, for this final stage of the contest conducted by @wiseagent where we have to choose some of our favorite directors I have decided to choose a director I love for the creative aspects that differentiate his films, creative aspects that combine fantastically with peculiar elements that make his films totally entertaining. In addition to choosing Robert Zemeckis, I have also decided to choose Cast Away for my final entry to the competition.


Cast Away is a film that takes the tragedy of suffering a plane crash, falling into the sea and being trapped on an island abandoned to a more personal and real through the living representation of what would be the life of a survivor, making us see all the essential and recurring problems that any normal person would have to overcome to survive in solitude trapped on an island entirely surrounded by water where no one can help you. The film takes us through a tidal wave of initial emotions where we see an employee of a shipping company being trapped on a remote island after surviving a plane crash, a man who has to live with the fact that his life despite being saved is about to take a huge turn. It is really exciting to see how this man has to quickly assimilate the fact of having survived to quickly move on to do everything possible to find a practical way to live with the different blows that this abandoned island throws at him.


The whole development of the film is really remarkable because we see a man evolve into his most primitive form, combining his intelligence with the tools at hand to make the most of the things at his disposal. It is really emotional to see how the life of Tom Hanks' character develops on the island, because we see the different nuances that a broken man emotionally and physically have to face to continue living, and believe me that the things this man has to overcome are not easy, on the contrary the plot shows us how hard it is to live in solitude without any help to facilitate our survival. The rhythm that gets established from the simple solitary scenes of a man and his best friend Wilson (a beach ball) is magnificent because we see the constant emotional ups and downs that affect the life of a man who seeks to survive, a man who has now built his character to appreciate the simplicity of life. To see how something as essential as fire has such a remarkable impact on the life of Tom Hanks' character is fascinating because it makes us see the importance of the most basic things in nature.


The whole film maintains a stable and chronological rhythm where we see the life of this man on the island, we see his new routine and above all we appreciate his endless conversations with who has now become his only companion, an imaginary being who adds something crazy to the plot but also serves as a kind of anchor to the real world for the character of Tom Hanks, an anchor who desperately needs not to go crazy on an island that does not give him a minute's breathing space and instead presents him with new challenges every time he can.


This is not the typical Robert Zemeckis film because we do not have notorious visual effects or fantastic plot turns, here we have a hard, real and mature plot about the tragedy of a man, a story that beyond being sad ends up becoming a portrait of perseverance and hard work, because in this film we see how a man is able to use his conviction as the main resource for his survival. There is no doubt that this is a film that few expect it to be Robert Zemeckis but that ended up becoming one of his best for the incredible work he does when creating a totally intense atmosphere where we assume that anything can happen in this new life that has fallen to Tom Hanks.


My Score: 7,9/10

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