[ANIME TALK] Have You Watched "BEASTARS"? Let's Talk About It!!!

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Hello there beautiful people, especially to all OTAKU(s) out there.
It's me, Harumi also known as @tegoshei...
It's time to talk about anime!!!

In this post, I'll be talking about the anime which is entitled "BEASTARS". Have you ever heard of it? If you haven't let me show you a short video about it. I got it from TOHO Animation channel on YouTube.


As you seen in the video or trailer above, the characters of these anime are animals. Well, you can say it's like a 2D version of Zootopia since the main characters are a Wolf named "Legosi" and a rabbit named "Haru".

The setting of the story is in a high school where both herbivores and carnivores study together. It's a taboo for this world for carnivores to eat herbivores, but a tragic thing happened inside the school. One of the herbivorous student, was devoured by an unknown carnivorous animal.

I'd like to talk about the main characters, Legosi and Haru.


  • LEGOSI is such a sweetheart. Well, that's what I think of him. He's a carnivore, yet he's a character who has a sense of justice. He is very meek and somehow a loner, but he thinks for everyone's sake. He doesn't like complicated things and he just wants to live an ordinary life. However, it changed the moment he saw Haru... and that incident somehow awakened is instinct.

  • HARU is a strong independent woman, I may say. Well, she is fragile on the inside, though. She is an albino rabbit, so she's all white with beautiful red eyes. Her small stature makes her more vulnerable to bullying. She doesn't really care much about all the bullying as she has her "own ways" to survive and be protected.


    Well, there are some interesting supporting characters, too. Like the following:

  • Louis (Reindeer) ; He's a senpai in the drama club where Legosi is a part of. He's a strong-willed herbivore who wanted to become the "Beastar" in their school. He wanted to prove that despite being a herbivore, he can rule over everyone.
  • Jack (Dog) ; He's also so adorable. He's Legosi's childhood friend and he is always looking after his friend.
  • Juno (Wolf) ; She's a freshman in the school who somehow has the hots for Legosi. lol
  • Bill (Tiger) ; He's a wannabe superstar. A carnivore who is always overwhelmed by his instincts. Well, he still tries his best to abide with the law, though.
  • Gouhin (Panda) ; He's a doctor who got to know Legosi when he was somehow lost in the "black market". Actually, he's my favorite character next to Legosi. This psychologist of a panda is so cool! You should look forward to his appearances in the series!

What Do I Think About It?

Well, I like the story. It's somehow dark since it reflects one's instincts or uncontrollable desire for something. I actually knew of this series when I watched on of "TheAnimeMan" Joey's videos on YouTube. When he recommended the anime, I was quite hesitant at first because he did mention that there are some sensual parts where animals do the deed... and I was like "What? I'm no fury"... however, I was so curious about the story.

Despite having animals as the main characters, they are still so relatable. You can somehow distinguish humans through the animals in this series. It can teach us life lessons and make us realize a lot of things.

After watching it, I felt so satisfied. Well, I especially like the dark side of it and I can't wait for the second season to start.


In my opinion the most interesting character dynamic was the one between louis and legosi, because they had very different views when it comes to power legosi dislikes his physical power which he should not use in his opinion and the person which he looks up to louis has power by beeing popular and can talk things out, because of that.
We also later on see why the more uncommon opinion of power exists, because he could as a kid do nothing against the carnivores which were trying to eat him, but kill himself.

True... they were just too different. It was as if their personalities belonged to the other. I still wonder what happened to Louis. Thanks for sharing your opinion... :) - @harulovesanime

Oooohhhh... I guess I'm just used to the disney versions of cartoon animals and storyline. This is not my cup of tea. If they were people though, I'd watch it.

Thanks for the review! Now I have an inkling of what's it about without having to watch it. 😁

Exactly the reason why i didn't recommend it to you... I know it wouldn't be to your liking. ☺

You know me too well 😁

right? hahaha

Watched the first episode and I'm definitely intrigued and curious about who is responsible for the first murder.

Hahahah... I feel you! ^^ - @harulovesanime

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