There is more than one darkness in the abyss

Digital art by @xpilar

There is more than one darkness in the abyss

You will discover that there is more than one darkness
in the abyss and as you choose,
the sphere containing an ending will be opened.
It replicates the illusion displayed by the portal
and in the water level,
a light is drowning a passion
in the hope of killing all the anger
in a round of applause for the unexpressed notes.
Every dream is a soap bubble that collapses
discovering that there's a grudge
in the explosion of his emotion.
For every trace in the spilled water,
one by one the ghosts rise up
and hide in the colors of fear.
They say they don't want any more mistakes,
but they want to spread their misfortune further,
because who does not assume his folds,
leaves a trail of the worst mistake ever made.
They spend their lives sneaking around like
they're covering their shame,
without expecting anything but cheating
to every smiling face.
From above, it rains contempt for the burning rubbing.
Absent faces distracted by their corrupt lips,
that only attracts the sliding silences.
Traitorous and recidivist worms
who don't understand the irony of clear eyes.
Parts of my core are falling off...
Sometimes I want a pair of wings,
sometimes I'm more earthy,
sometimes I get to space and I see the ship's undocking.
There's a world of attempts behind the closing portals.
the ones you'll be closing,
the ones I already closed...


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