Prank Gone Wrong


Hey Sally, you don’t have to worry yourself too much, its just a sit-out, one harmless dinner night, what could possibly go wrong? I mean you are quite civilized and you know how to present yourself in the public if called upon for any purpose, so what could you be so worried about? Don’t you like Austin? I believe you do right? So what are your fears? Why do you seem to have a divided mind about all this whole setting and dinner thing? It is really okay if you don’t feel like going, I don’t wanna make it sound like I am forcing you or bugging you about it or that I am pushing you into something you don’t wanna try. This could be your chance to finally open up to someone and perhaps let him have a place in your heart don’t you think so?

It wasn’t long before I realized it has already passed the slated time for the date. It took me hours of contemplation and pondering to decide if to go out or phone Austin to give an excuse or false report just so that I could stay back from the dinner. I wasn’t yet ready for the step I was about to take, and in my mind Austin was going to make the move tonight if only I gave him that chance or privilege.
Why not call him up and tell him you forgot all about the plans? No! That would be a flat lie you know it, how would you say you forgot about the date yet remembered to call him and give the excuse, who does that? Think of something else Sally, you are way better than this. Come on, there are better approach to this case and you don’t have to lie about it.

Just about the moment, Austin called, I was startled at the ringtone since I was with my cellphone at the time he phoned. My hands were shaking and I just wasn’t ready to talk to him or more still, I didn’t come up with a better excuse or lie to tell Austin at the time he called. Although I knew sooner or much later I would have to pick the call. He didn’t hang up either, so at the next ringing, I picked up the call, and acted very tired and weak. Worried Austin asked what was wrong with me or why I sounded that way as if I just woke up or something. I tried faking an illness or something, I am having severe headaches and all, I responded. Austin sympathized with me and said I would be okay in a few minutes if only I just took some tablets which he believed I did but only for me to tell him there was none at home. Austin said he was already on his way to pick me up and because of that he would stop by the pharmacy to fetch me the drugs.

Goodness me! Now I have put myself in trouble, quite a difficult situation because I will need to act sick for real and also weak as though it were true. Before I even said anything or perhaps try and stop Austin from coming over, he had already hang up on me.
On reaching my place, Austin ranged my bell and patiently waited for me to open up so he could come in and then administer the drugs to me.
I waited for awhile so as to put up an act, I wore my pullover and messed up my hair a little bit and then reluctantly and slowly walked my way to my door, I opened up, lo and behold, it was Austin. He didn’t only come with a pack of drugs but with some fruits, how sweet of him, I thought.
Why then did I lie to such a nice sweet guy just because I was afraid of going out with him? I was now feeling guilty and I thought of how to let Austin know I was only lying about the headaches or being sick.

Erhmm, Austin, I muttered up the courage, I have something to tell you…That you aren’t sick or having any headaches? Austin added without even letting me say it. How did you…? I was flabbergasted, he knew? But how?
Austin said he has always trusted his instincts and they never failed him, that the moment he phoned me, he had sensed that something was wrong. Either I wasn’t ready for the date, like I was gonna be late or that I changed my mind about going out with him. So when I gave him that excuse, he knew and thought it was the only way and strategy I was able to come up with to cancel the meeting or plans we had.
I was ashamed and felt stupid at the same time, I tried apologizing to Austin but he only laughed at me and said it was okay, that I really didn’t have to put up such act just to turn him down, that infact I worsened the case as it has made him want me the more and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. He said next time I should try a better and more solid lie but he would still come running to me lol. We both laughed and he hugged me while arranging my messed up hair.


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               26 June 2022