Experience Or Inexperience?// Consequences In These Fields?


Has it ever been found that an inexperienced doctor gives treatment to patients or prescribes and administers drugs to them?
People should only function in their area of specialty.
It would be absurd for a teacher to handle a court case, taking the work of a lawyer or barrister to do.
What will be the outcome of such happenstance? I believe you have already guessed the result.
True that there are few occupations or professions or even activities that could easily be handled by people who are inexperienced in a way.


Like the teaching job, one could easily try or work on a teaching job without having some expertise level of working experience, though the difference will be widely seen in the outcome too but it's something that anyone who is determined and devoted to can easily pick an interest and work on.
In some cases too, I think some activities shouldn't be handled by inexperienced people, and when I see some people who aren't really qualified or fit for it, it leaves me wondering and asking questions

I will mention just two of those activities I question each time I see those that I assume aren't really qualified or experienced enough to handle such. The first is;

  • Parenting Guide

I have seen a handful of young and sometimes non-parents giving parenting guides to people. And I wonder if they take it as a course or something? Isn't experience sometimes said to be the best teacher? How do they function well in such an area when they have not even experienced it? Is it advisable to take or follow the parenting guide from such people?
And please don't misquote me, when I speak of experience on this subject, I am not really talking about having biological children to parent and gain experience, even none related ones.
You don't have to own a baby or child to be able to demonstrate your parenting exercises and guidelines, but if none of such is demonstrated or exercised then what right does such a person have to give other people, especially mothers and fathers or even singles parenting guide and upbringing? Please kindly share your thought and view on this point.

  • Relationship Coaching And Marriage Counselling

Another activity that I want to address is the counseling and coaching of marriages and relationships.
It's kinda funny how these days even those who aren't even married or in a relationship are the ones coaching both singles and counseling married couples out there.
They are said to be relationship coaches yet they are single.
In cases like this, I would want to believe that some of them might have had past experiences that they can confidently coach others in relationships, but what happens to the single ones counseling married couples? Is it some kind of psychological approach or process?

Do single counselors have what to contribute as per personal experience when they aren't even married? Aside from the courses they read and some of the schools of marriage they have attended. Is that enough for them to counsel others?
And for the ones who have had no form of experience in a relationship, why then do they become relationship coaches? Kindly leave your thought and view on this point as well.

I don't wanna conclude that without experience in these fields that I have mentioned that those involved can't really function well. There might be things I don't know or have any idea about so as such, I want to be put in the light and also have other people's opinions and views on things like this.
So I will be looking forward to your responses.
Thank you for reading my blog post today.
Have a blissful day Beemates!


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            6 October 2022