The Burnout Experience


If you transport a person living at one of the remote villages in the world to the busiest street in New York. He or she might think that the people walking along the street are scrambling to look for a toilet. Why? Because their faces seem to be hard pressed and they figuratively can't hold it anymore!

You get the point? Our ancestors would be shocked at the current pace of the world we live in. Ever since we started wearing tight clothes, everything in our lives has become tighter(joke), especially time. Many things seem to be demanding our attention and we feel very obligated to respond. How many emails, calls, texts, meetings do you have to attend to? How many things do you have to do?

Most people have already experienced burn out in one form or another. The body gets tired, but the mind forces it to keep working(Level 1), eventually, the mind also gets tired but you force it to keep working(Level 2), finally, you also get tired and both the body and mind can't keep working because they have been stretched to their limits(Level 3). That's when official burnout sets in but it can also happen between the three variations.
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During those times, your energy is sapped and you find yourself 'offline'. Can't even function on autopilot so the best advice they give you is to take a deep rest. That way your energy can recharge and slowly build up it reserves. Too much burnout leads to an early old age and decline in mental activity because you keep overworking yourself both mentally and physically.

Short Tips To Prevent Burnout

At all times, burnout should be avoided and steps should be taken to prevent them from happening. Most times, the reason for the burnout doesn't even worth it, does it? 'Chasing life' is a battle that can't be won!

Create boundaries

How many things are floating in your mind space? 1000? 100? It's time to kick them out and de-clutter. Over simulation is a daily problem for all of us. Without creating the proper boundaries, you risk wasting your time in useless things without getting anything worthwhile from it.

Frequent breaks

The more breaks you take, the more rest you get, the more rest you get the less drained you become. Taking breaks is really important if you want to stay sane in a fast paced world. It's not the end of the world. True you'll lose some time but it's nothing compared to what you'll gain. Think about it, Do you want voluntary short breaks or forced long breaks?


Mindfulness means being aware of yourself during your daily tasks. Here, mindfulness means being aware of the burnout before it happens. There are signs that indicate a burnout is about to occur but it's often ignored. An example is continuous sighing and uncontrolled temper. Don't ignore them!

Always be mindful, please!

In Conclusion

Burnout is becoming a 'common experience' now. Taking the necessary steps to limit it's occurrence should be a priority in this modern world. I think none of us would want to wake up before 40 and find wrinkles messing up our face lol. If you're young, now is the best time to practice this tips to not let yourself been 'gunked' by the lifestyle of the modern world. If you're old, then it's never too late to take back control of your life. Autopilot is for zombies!

What do you think? Have you experience burnout before? Is it a common thing that has befallen the modern age?

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