Being Informal Is Better


Formalities demand you follow certain rules and principles, adhere to certain code of ethics, being direct and straightforward. It helps eliminate this sense of awkwardness in situations, everybody is on the same page, there's no guesses or anything of sorts. Although there are times that it is required that we become absolutely formal - this are very few - the rest of the times, it's far beneficial for all parties to be informal.

I'm bias here, I can't stand formalities. No matter how much I try to be formal my face keeps showing signs of informality. Who knows, maybe I laugh too much and everything seems funny to me? In this post, I'll make my case of why being informal is way better than being formal.

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We're Social Creatures

Who doesn't love socialization? Everyone wants to be heard, even the 'antisocial' or Introverts. Some of them are the best talkers I've heard. It's just that they are often misunderstood but when you open up to them and just listen, you'll understand where they're coming from. We all crave for attention, we want to be heard. Just think about the sense of burden that seems to be lifted off you after you had a great conversation about your problems.

A doctor has to be informal with his/her patients if he/she wants to get to the root of the problem. Businesses can't be strictly formal with their customers or they might not get repeat customers. If social media blew up the way it did today, it's because of socialization. People want to get to know more people and be part of a community.

Less Tension In The Air

The air is always heavy in formal encounters. Sometimes even breathing properly becomes a problem. Everyone is trying to wear their best character but it's leaking so they try much harder to prevent any more leaks. Sigh, wearing a mask is not easy.

In informal encounters, the air is quite light, sometimes near joyful! Although, the chances of creating a moronic blunder are higher, you can easily rectify it within the joyful space. You can't easily rectify a blunder in a formal ecounter, All the tension falls on you like shooting arrows on a battlefield. Good luck in keeping your best behavior with that.

Nothing Is Left Unsaid

Going back to the tension in the air, this tension is also caused by not saying the things in your mind fearing the reaction you'll get from the rest of the people. The same thing applies to the other parties too.

I once visited a corporate office full of magnificent paintings, I was there for an interview. I smiled as hard as I could just to get a chance to tour and fully appreciate the magnificent paintings but this corporate officer was more than formal. He kept looking at me like I had two large heads. I couldn't engage a conversation with him about the paintings.

A big waste on my part because I super love looking at paintings and depicting the messages behind it. What's the artist trying to say?


Formalities are good but being informal is great. You can do more and be more. You can relax and be YOU. Get to know more people and build meaningful relationships. Easily make mistakes and learn from them.

Aren't you convinced yet?

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