Looking At The Growth Journey Through The S Curve


The S curve is an interesting model that depicts the growth journey quite accurately. Whether it be personal, business or financial growth. It shows how our growth evolves over time, from its first steps as an idea or a thought process to becoming an established reality.

Transposing it onto my Hive journey, I'm currently at the bottom curve aka valley of despair. It does feel like a valley but there's no despair!

The Stages In The S Curve

The S curve has three distinct stages: introduction, growth and maturity.

The first stage of the S curve is called introduction. During this time you're in the early stages of development and there may be little to no traction yet.

In business, you're still working on developing a prototype, perfecting your product/service before releasing it on the market or you've already release it but there are zero sales.

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It can feel like an awkward period at this stage because nothing seems to be happening. Looking at the first part of the graph, it actually looks like a flat line, burrowing more into the valley. Weeks or months go by without any distinct results.

Many stop at this stage abandoning everything all together because the night is so deep that they forget the day will eventually come.

However if you keep going at this stage with patience (and maybe some innovation) then things should start changing soon enough.

The next stages are growth and maturity. Growth is when you have a glimpse of the mountain top and what you need to do to get there. The moment you start implementing them, you're propelled to the top with the feeling of 'inner fire' and being at the 'top of the world'.

And Maturity is the stage when you're firmly at the top having achieved a new baseline.

What We Need To Know About The S Curve And Growth Journeys?

Well, it describes the organic stages of growth and how it relates to time. It looks like an S because it shows that growth is not a straight line and it goes up, then down before rising again.

Life is cyclical, which means we'll always be repeating the same patterns over and over again until we learn something new about ourselves or how we relate with others around us. When we do, we enter another new cycle.

The S Curve model is also helpful in showing us how to deal with our own personal growth struggles as they arise -- knowing when they're coming helps us in being prepared for them and find ways around them before getting discouraged or giving up altogether.

Like when nothing is working out and nothing is going right. The truth is that everything is working out 'just fine' because it's all part of the process.

Growth Journeys Are Not Easy

They take a lot of time, energy and investment to get off the ground.

And when things are going well, it can feel like you’re in the top of that s-curve and you're smoothly riding the wave. But as any experienced person will know, this doesn't last forever.

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If you're looking at your growth rate and feeling like you're not getting anywhere fast enough, don't worry.

You're just in the valley of despair—it's totally normal for growth rates to slow down after they've been accelerating for awhile. As long as you can keep putting one foot in front of the other, everything should be fine because it will eventually accelerate again.

Thanks For Reading!

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This is true for growth in life and applicable to Hive as well, what I admire about you is that even after your account was scammed you started all over again and kept going. For that am one of your fans.

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Yes yes. It especially applies to Hive that's why I wrote about it to put things into perspective. My account being scammed was like a wakeup call lol, I immediately stepped on the gas and never looked back. Thanks, I appreciate it :)