Is Imagine Dragons making a new album in 2021 ? Yes Mercury Part I



This post is a kind of part to of a previous post where I shared to you why I was so linked to Imagine Dragons.

I was really skeptical about they next songs as I said last time, and those ones are not was I was waiting for at all.

While their last album was so forgettable because it was really too simple compared to what they were used to do, this one is not getting getting back to their old habits. They just totally changed their style. They made to my mind a perfect choice, they stopped having their "aggressive" song where they shout and with loud drums like Monster, I'm So Sorry or Friction

This time the music is way more relaxing and as always the topics are serious, but something changed since last times.

While the previous musics seemed to be more metaphoric this time there is no time for that. I don't know what the song "Monster" is about, but for me it always have been about depression because that's a thing I know and totally fits with the lyrics.

Now Dan Reynolds is not loosing any time. He said this album is the one he's the most proud of and where he puts the most of him. After loosing his Sister in 2019 and being almost divorcing he passed in several dark periods of his life, and his musics are more than ever doing their best to help people stuck in that terrible and sad moment.

For me, Lonely is the one I'm the most identifying myself.

You just have to listen to this one to understand what changed. Now no monster to hide them, it's finally just Dan and his anxious problems.

That's where I find this pretty powerful, they're writing happy songs with lyrics that are really sad. A friend of I who has also passed through this kind of misadventure is at least as much in love as me of these musics. While, when I wanted to download the album from a source I can't share with you, the comments of the album where saying it's continuing like Origins and going bad.

I realize they are changing and maybe trying to hit another kind of public And I'm in !

I am persuaded that the proportion of people who have been in depression or in a depressive period are more likely to like this new album, no matter if they are used to listen to Imagine Dragons or not.

If you want to have your own opinion, you just have to take a look on their Youtube channel where there are most of their songs with the lyrics (that's better if English isn't your native language, like me)

I hope you liked this post and you'll listen to the songs and like it too !

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