Imagine Dragons - Rising back like a phoenix



I always had some difficulties to find musics I like. Most of time when I hear a music I like, listening to other musics from the musician doesn't work. I like all kinds of music but few in each one.

Imagine Dragons is different.

A long time ago, At least 6 or 7 years, even before they write "Warriors" for the League of Legends World championship, I started to listen to them, and I love the big majority of their song.

Their sonds are really unique and have a totally uncommon style. Differents from other artists but also different than each others, and this is probably their biggest strenght because thanks to that anyone can find some musics they like !

I even like their last one "Origins"


When I was younger, I was slowly discovering their songs, loving them and trying to remember the lyrics. Their new songs followed me during my scholarship and become even more important when getting in high school.

When I arrived in highschool, I quickly fell in depression and that lasted for 2 years.

Enjoying anything was something hard for me and having my best friend who also loved them was helping me. Listening their song together is, and will probably always be, one of my greatest memories.

This continued until they started to release new song for their album "Evolve". Believer is still one of my favourite songs, listening to it in .flac files with my gaming headphones was more than satisfying.

Those new songs are also what made me closer to some classmates, who helped me A LOT to get out that damn depression.


3 years ago, for a summer camp I travel during 3 weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, that was an incredible and absolutely unforgettable moment and that is also thanks to the album "Love and thunder" that I downloaded just before the travel.

Discovering those new songs totally different from other albums was just awesome and I could even share them with friends I just met. And after that time I'm still talking to some of them.

Now you should say to me "Ykretz, do you think one of us cares about your life ? You said that it was a phenix, what does that mean ?"

Let's take a loot to the Google page of their last album.



"Hum.. Ok, 4.5/5, great score and ?"

That is a great score but remember what I said before :

Their sonds are really unique and have a totally uncommon style. Differents from other artists but also different than each others, and this is probably their biggest strenght because thanks to that anyone can find some musics they like !

That's why all the others album have really good rating. EVERY other album have 4.8/5. The difference is't huge but it's significant because this is the only albume below 4.8.


Because the album is really great. And sayint that is mean. Because Imagine Dragons is used to be at least awesome. And this album is juste better than a lot of other artists. But something is missing. No enough of that unusual kind of music and that crazy screams and shouts.

I listened to it, and 2 or 3 of the songs, like "Natural", "Zero" and "Bad liar" are what we are expecting from them. But the rest of it is... barely great.


This was in 2018 and nothing since that moment.

Until now !!

They are coming back with new songs !

Dan reynolds already said that this new album coming is already his favorite one and the two first songs released are magical !



There is even already a clip for this one and It's funny and beautiful :


(No need to say that I lauched the videos to put the links and I'm now writting while listening to it)

Both of these new songs have that powerfull energy missing in the previous album and that only gring good, very good news. The only things I don't like about them is that I find them way too short !

I'm just waiting for new somgs to be released to see the full potential of this !!

While I'm writting it I discovered something... Strange that I didn't knew about. At the beggining of the year they also made something like a treasure hunt to find a link and a password that leads to making ofs and songs, they made an album from theses musics which seem to be cut musics, if ou want to here it :

There is probably alse a way to support the group instead of listening it through an obscure youtube video.

Now, If you are an Imagine Dragons fan, get ready, they're coming back with heavy songs !

for me this looks like long nights working alone with this detroying my ears and sausing even more tinnitus.

🎼Enjoy music forever, don't miss their album, have a great day !🎸

I've made a second post about their new 2021 Songs just here


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Did not expect to see Mac and Dee from Always Sunny in Philadelphia in that clip. Definitely wasn't expecting the kiss lol.

I can't say I've ever really listened to Imagine Dragons for any extended period of time. They're a bit too vanilla for my tastes but I can get down with some of their songs.


If you think they are too vanilla don't even try to listen to "Origins", this is exacly its problem.

I don't know what kind of music you like, but some that I find really great are "Monster", "Smoke and mirrors", "believer", the new "cutthroat" and dreams, which are pretty different one to each other