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and IQ tests are ironically stupid.

Now some IS tests are taking into consideration the different kind of intelligence and making a sort of average of them all but with more data to explain what you have and what you don't have.

I follow you thought at 100%.
I still don't understand that today people are ok with the fact that I vestor are getting more money everyday while the workers are earning less.
I'm from France so I only know the numbers here.
Something like 10 years ago, around 10% of the GDP was the dividends, nowadays it's more than 40%.
McDonald's could increase all their workers' salary by $1000 each month, all over the world, and still make benefits, instead of that they are sending their money to Ireland to pay less taxes.

The world is crazy and we need companies to pay properly the workers. The market with investor just making everything to have bigger benefits it killing the humanity.

Fun fact in France :Since few months, the wealth depth between rich and poor people is deeper than it was in 1789, just before the french revolution.

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