CreativeCoin is Back. I have a dedicated CCC curation account and feel Bad Ass

I am stoked. It looks like the coin dispensing machine for the #creativecoin tribe is back online and is now spewing forth with shiny new CCC coins daily.

As I understand, the CCC coin was intended to reward posts with creative elements like original artworks.

Unfortunately, the creative coin website appears to be dominated by whales who add #creativecoin to a long list of tribal tags on every post.

I do not like rewarding people for #tagspam. It just so happens that I created the account @vagabondspirit account for a game that failed to attract interest on STEEM or HIVE.

So, I decided to use this account as a dedicated curator. I sold all of the CCC in my main account and bought 50,000 CCC for @vagabondspirit . I have been using it as a dedicated CCC curator.

This structure means that my main account does not give out CCC rewards to users who use the #creativecoin tag without creative content.

The CCC curation account votes on 10 creativecoin posts a day.

I was devastated when CCC stopped dispensing coins in November 2022. I had 54,495 coins with a reported value of $25.80. NOTE: I sold off some of the coins.

Now that scotbot is dispensing coins again, I brought my CCC holdings back to the 50,000 coin mark. HIVE Engine says the coins are worth $2.816. I would get 7.8 HIVE if I sold the coins at the current bid price.

I don't write posts with the curation account; so the account will provides an interesting experiment to see how much an account can earn by curation alone.

Scot Bot says the coin gives 60% of the reward to the author and 40% to the curator. The bot gives half the reward as liquid CCC and half as staked CCC.

I've contended that the best way to go about HIVE and #hive-engine is for users to buy the amount of coins one wants for curation; then to sell of the curation rewards.

So, for the next several months, I will do this with vagabondspirit and see what happens. My guess is that I will get about 500 a month in staked rewards and 500 a month in liquid rewards which I will sell and squander on loose women.

The PAL Rewards Experiment

I am performing the same experiment with PAL. Ten days ago I increased my account to 10K PAL.

In ten days I earned 0.084 PAL in liquid rewards and 0.084 in stake rewards. My liquid rewards are worth 0.00001684 HIVE or $0.0000006062 USD. At this rate, my 10,000 PAL will produce a fraction of a penny in interest over a year.

Of course I don't make any special effort to upvote PAL posts. I think the CCC experiment is a better experiment.


The great challenge with HIVE Engine is that the price of the coins tends to fall faster than the inflation on the coins. This means that people who invest in the coins are likely to lose.

The best way to go about investing in HE coins is to create dedicated curation accounts that focus on a given coin.

Personally, I think the coins that have already crashed are more interesting than the high flying coins. Unfortunately, the coins on HE appear to be marginal investments at best.

So long as the ScotBot keeps running, it is possible for users to buy huge blocks on the coins and make a few pennies from the scotbot.

Of course the scotbot might stop running for any account in which case all of the money will be lost.

The Pictures

The top picture shows the "Bad Ass Coffee Shop" on State Street in Murray. The company was created by investors who traveled to Hawaii to source coffee. They had an experience with a donkey that was uncooperative and decided to name their company after the critter.

It appears that the company closed their first store, but their web site lists 32 stores that are still open. Although this was a Utah based coffee house, it appears that its most successful stores are in different states.

This second picture shows the building in 2008.

The final picture shows the façade in portrait mode. I didn't try the coffee because I can't afford coffee in a coffee house. I've been told that Kona Coffee from Hawaii ranks among the best coffees in the world.

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Pal is heavily weighted to the 'miners' getting most of the inflation.
When it was created there was a big dustup over passive versus active rewards, you can guess which side the founder was on.


The desire for passive income is one of the most destructive forces in the economy.

It is interesting to see how it plays out on HIVE-Engine. PAL was one of the first coins to collapse.

I guess a general rule is that HIVE whales want passive income, while the users of HIVE at large are suited best by active income.



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