Visiting our local forest after the wild fires caused by the Heat Wave that's affecting Spain (June-July 2022)

Last June we suffered a heatwave that set ablaze many of our forests, and sadly not even one month after we have been undergoing a second one, longer and more extreme than the one before. The weather has been scorching and I have been quiet because I have even felt forced to adapt into a night owl schedule, as it was impossible for me to work in the studio in the awful heat of the day. A mass of hot air coming from North Africa combined with Summer Sun rendered sweltering temperatures. Over a thousand deaths and 100k hectares burnt. A harsh reminder of the climate crisis in my opinion. I'm taking the chance of a couple of "milder" days to finally sit down at the computer to write this and share it.

Visiting our local forest after the wild fire

In previous occasions I have also visited the forest after the fires... and I have shared also other photoshoots right after to rise awareness about it. But all these pictures are taken in July 2022 and are the result of June 2022 wildfires. I took the chance to film additional scenes for a music video project I have been working for long.


Shadows may gather in darkness ´neath the weight of impending gloom


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Above: all life gone, just black scorched remain
Is this the world we want for the future? Temperatures rose 60 centigrades on Surface and almost 48 in some areas of Spain, it was simply lethal. More than 1000 people has died in my country and almost 100k hectares burnt. I know some people refuse to believe in the Climate Crisis, but I think it's telling us to react like a slap in the face and I'll delve deeper into that when I share the music video I've been working on for a long time.


Whenever I visit a fire I sometimes use this black dress and veil... It's me mourning for all wild life and vegetation loss. For a few years now I have been collecting small pieces of footage and hope a final video featuring my song about climate change will be ready this year.

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When I think of all the creatures that cannot escape from the fire my heart breaks. The birds in the nest, the baby animals in the burrows... and those who make it wandering around in the ashes looking for water and shelter. It's just heartbreaking. And though fire is part of Nature, we have pushed the balance with human interference in a way Nature has no time to recover. And so, each year the green is less, the black, browns and greys spread.

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Just barren left...

And sure it will regrow... but only if it we provide the chance for it to...
Sadly it's been a chain of fires for many years now and it really never is quite the same... :(

Remember this spot? I came to this place on my last birthday

Sadly this is how it looks now... July, 2022
There is some green areas but lots of damage

The smell was really awful but there was a bush of lavender and it was teeming with bees... is if they knew it was a little haven in the middle of burnt areas

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One of my concerns is that

The Owl Tree

When our mind makes a shape out of something looking for a pattern that is called pareidolia. This tree looked like an owl to me... definitely it was "staring back at me*. Can you see it?

owl tree -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

owltree2 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

Nothing is done until it's done

I have shared this song before because this has been a project I've been working on for several years an the song released in 2019 but I have been collecting video from several wild fires in order to finish the video and rise awareness about climate change. I really wanted not to have to include new scenes but unfortunately the current heatwaves affected my province and had to go and film new scenes. So all the pictures in this post are also "behind the scenes" and "sneak peaks". Sure it won't be my most cheerful project and the palette will be this.. lifeless black... but with the hope of regrowth.

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Nothing is done until is done is a song I've made about the current climate crisis, though it's also a song about any cause worth fighting for. I hope to have the music video for it this year, but these pictures are new behind the scenes filmed this Summer.
Here to listen to it on Spotify but hopefully sharing a proper videoclip soon

Here a "sneak peak" of the video


Looking forward to share it soon

Hope: Try your best to help

Please this is a little reminder for everyone to leave water stations outside for the wildlife if it's hot where you live. Water is life and unfortunately this dismal weather makes it scarcely available for the animals. Provide bowls of water with pebbles so the small ones can also climb in and out. And provide a shady spot if it's possible.
When I visited the burnt forest a week ago, only dead washed out snail shells were scattered on the floor

caracol2 -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

spiral_caracol -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

But during the night in my garden I spray water and keep a corner fresh and provide some fresh vegetables and snails come to feast. And the contrast fills my heart...
Please help Nature in moments of need, with small gestures... they count.


snail -640- by Priscilla Hernandez.jpg

And creatures in need they usually let themselves to be helped... Please do care :)

Has it been unisually hot where you live?

Let me know in comments...
Here in Spain the word for the temperatures we have had is "dystopian"
We must really wake up and take action... I believe sadly that we are over the tipping point so there is no stopping but we can mitigate it and work on its reversal maybe for future generations...
I know it sounds sad but I think we messed it up and it takes courage to admit that...
and then action to stop that turning wheel and give a chance to the future

I dare hope


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Oh god, I understand this because it use to happen the same in my city, the difference is that we have much less vegetation. In your case the insects and plants are so affected. It’s very sad to be witness of those events, and of course, also have the world, our house, in this condition…


I live in the north of Spain and it is such a lush green area, but I feel a few years like this and we will be heading to be an arid desert, each year a vast extension of green burns and does not recover. It is in our 30s today but tomorrow is gonna be 43 again. It is also affecting my health as it started half a month ago non stop


It's been in the 90'sF here in New England, but that is not unusual for July.


It has reached 118 in many parts of Spain. Way above average, previous record was sigh last year. Some cities in Spain like Seville have been over 40C for over twenty days, that is super unhealthy. We have a milder couple of days now in my area still hot and dry but bearable. Even leaves have turned brown and fallen like the fall.