I'll try to write without rambling on. / とりとめもなく書いてみる (ENG/JPN)


The photo shows a pale pink cluster amaryllis blooming at the corner of an apartment building along a course I often walk. I had never seen higanbana of this color before. Come to think of it, every year during the higanbana season, I sketch a landscape with higanbana, but I am not sure if I will be able to go this year.

I have not painted yesterday and today. The night before last, I couldn't find my medicine, and when I tried to bear it without taking it, I couldn't sleep well because of a headache and nightmares. I thought I couldn't stand it without taking it, so I ran to my regular doctor, psychiatrist, and pharmacy. I was told that if I lost the medicine, I would have to pay for it myself, so I ended up paying about 20,000 yen for the prescriptions and the medicine from the internal medicine and psychiatry departments. It was a very painful expense.

After that, I did laundry and went shopping today as typhoon No.14 is expected to move through Japan. The typhoon is expected to pass through the Kinki region where I live from this evening through the morning of the day after tomorrow.
So I closed the shutters. I bought mostly water and snacks. I'm going to spend the whole day tomorrow at home painting, just in case the gas and electricity go out (which of course they shouldn't).

But I am worried about the typhoon, so I may not be able to paint. ......





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