What The Hell! Hotter Than I Exacted



Artwork: Thermometer is my work; Flame Scenery by PrettySleepy on Pixabay; additional flames Kisspng.

Granted Scott and I are no longer in Texas where they have reached the 100s (37.7 C) in the past couple of week, however, neither of us do well with the heat. From what our doctor has told us, some of our medications are part of the cause. Because of this past winter in Missouri, I honestly assumed we would have "mild" tempratures; mild meaning the high 80s (26.6 C). I was terribly wrong.


Scott was really a very young man at the time, honest.

During the 1980s Scott was involved an a medeival creation society called the Society for Creative Anachromists (SCA). One of the things he did was travel all over Oklahoma, throughout Texas, and into the Kansas City area. He has said he has experienced some of the most extreme weather in the later than anyplace; especially heat. I am finding now I wish I had listened to his stories.

Scott takes the bottom of the AC apart to clean it.
Artwork: Image is mine and the flames are from Jackie on Pixabay.

Our RV was built in 1990 and the air conditioner is original to it. Depending on who had the rig before the people we purchased it from, we do not know how long it had been since it had proper upkeep and maintenance. I know we had not cleaned it during our building phase, so there is just no telling. It was this thought that got us to thinking when the thing popped a fuse and went off. Of course it was 94 degrees Fahrenheit (34.4 Celsius) at that moment.


Trip the morning the AC went out.

Scott took care of the cleaning while I became concerned with Trip. Poor guy had just turned six months and he was due a major haircut. He was panting so extremely hard that I decided I could wait no longer; the fur coat had to go! So I grabbed the boy and a pair of scissors and started chopping.


The dog hair was flying all around the room, but he was such a good boy!

If you do not have air conditioning or are not familiar how they work, let me see if I can explain it. The air intake inside takes warm air and runs it over a coil that warms up a refrigerant. This causes the air to cool. It basically circulates the inside air to keep it space cooler. Then the refrigerant goes through a compresser which compresses the low pressure warm refrigerant into a high pressure HOT refrigerant. The outside condenser coil take the HOT refrigerant and cools it down by blowing outside hot air across it.

Once this HOT refrigerant cools down, it condenses into a warm liquid. That warm liquid goes through a restriction which causes the pressure to drop and when it does, some of it turns back into a gas. When it turns back into a gas it becomes really COLD. Then we come back to the inside process all over again. We have add the video below to help with some understanding.

YouTube video showing this process described above.

Scott is pretty sure the outside coil is not getting rid of the heat as fast as the inside coil is sending. It could be many reasons but we are pretty sure it is because the RV is not insulated and correctly completed yet and it is getting hotter inside than the AC can keep up with. Scott has taken the cover off and used the water hose to spray off any dirt that might be causing issues. So far this has worked fairly well, but the fact that we are having to do this causes us concern.


Artwork: Garden Hose Spraying is from RyanMcGuire on Pixabay.

As for the sweet super fuzzy one Trip, we could see the more hair we cut off the better he was getting. At first he began to struggle and fight, but he seemed tp realize we were trying to help him get cooled down. I am not the best at cutting his hair since I have never groomed him. However, for an emergency job, I think I did an okay job; well, except for the missed tufts and unevenness. Here's to hoping his doggy friends don't make fun of him otherwise I will never be able to groom him again!

scruffy trip.jpg

Trip seems to be feeling better now that he has been trimmed, er, chopped.

Scott, THIS ARTICLE by Giselle Diamond of It Still Runs, and the video by the LESICS YouTube Channel were my sources for understanding how our RV air conditioner system works.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our blog posts.

We appreciate it so very, very much!



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That heat is unimaginable to me. We could do with a bit of it over here in Ireland, but not too much 😂. I hope Scott gets the air conditioning working properly for you.

Trip looks happy with his haircut. Still a cutie by any standards! 🙂


He did one better than that, He bought us a house with good air conditioning.