Preparing for a Roadtrip - Road Snacks

Scott and I haven't shown you how we prepare for some of our county grabs. Normally if it is just for the day, we pack a small cooler with ice, water, other cold drinks like tea or soda, and some snacks. Often we do this right as we head out so everything is fresh. Today I wanted to show you one of our really quick country grab "snack-n-go" stops.


Stopping at Clayton Lake State Park in Oklahoma for some lunch.

Often times we will take sandwich makings so we can quickly stop in at a new state park to enjoy the surroundings and stretch a bit. We have found these breaks help to make the travel easier and a lot more interesting. It also enables us to not sit in the car for six to ten hours without a break.


Basics we get for a day trip; salad, cheese, fruit, chips, and a nice dip.

Day trips for the country grabs are so much easier than the long ones we often take. This is because we do not worry about lodging/camping and we do not need to figure out how to store the food correctly so we don't become ill from food going badly. Most of the time we take quick salads, cheeses, and so on. Much like the photo above.

As for the paper towels, we have changed to reusable ones made by a good friend of our Heidi The Cycling Seamstress. When she made these and I tried them for the first time, they were awesome! It has really changed the way we use paper towels now; we don't. If you are interested in purchasing some yourself, please click The Cycling Seamstress or the image below to get there.


The website for The Cycling Seamstress.

We are not getting any money or advantages from telling you about The Cycling Seamstress. I just wanted you to know how awesome she was and give you the opportunity to purchase some of her awesome things!

When you take a quick little day trip is there anything you do special about food? I know we use to eat out a lot, but it got extremely expensive and we found we could do more traveling if we fed the car instead of feeding ourselves food we really didn't need. Going out to eat fast food is not only expensive, but extremely unhealthy. However, that is a completely other subject.

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We appreciate it so very, very much!



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I loved doing such day trips with my ex wife and stepdaughter. We often went to some relatively near locations, cities, villages, lakes, montain landscapes and so on... I miss them too much, sigh!

We used to prepare some food for the travel that we also consume at a random spot like a parking or whaterver we thought it was good and had a wonderful view... We used to have some sandwiches prepared by my ex wife, she's a genius doing it. I don't want to look like a sexist, it's only she was better than me on that and she also loved doing it.
Some cold/hot drink at the portable cooler was always present and enlightened the meal hahaha...

Most of the times we used to stop in a bar and take some cofee or beer depending on the weather and also to have some walking time out of the car.

No need to say we were always listening to music, hahaha...

Love the short video you made on the market, it's great!



It didn't sound sexist at all. She was good at it. I am pretty bad at cooking so I prefer Scott cooking. However, I am really good at packing for a trip.

Yes, I totally believe it was all about music. We really enjoy music for sure.

Oh, thank you! I wanted to try something new.
Hugs to you buddy.