Cleaning the Vic

No, I'm not cleaning myself. Or, at least, I'm not sharing photos of me cleaning myself. Geez.

I spent some time this weekend cleaning the grime off my Victrola VV-IX and waxing it up.


The case of the Victrola is mahogany, and it should look like a nice deep red. Yesterday it looked about like this. It definitely looked nice, but not quite clean.


Remarkably, one of the best ways to clean the grime off these old Victrola's - or any other wooden antique, for that matter - is to use a Goop hand cleaner. I kid you not. It works wonders, and is good for the hands, too!


I spent the required time spreading the goop onto the Victrola, smearing it, gushing it and whatnot so it looked like this:


Ew. Thankfully it takes only paper towels to wipe it clean.



The idea is to repeat the process until the paper towels come up clean and not black or brown. The goop is gentle enough that it doesn't harm the finish of the wood or the wood itself, and it does a really nice job.


A thin coat of wax later left it looking nice and shiney. Of course, I figure that it absolutely must make it sound better too, no? Well, of course it does. 😃

  • Under a Peaceful Sky:
  • High Society:
  • Both of these songs were performed by a group named Prince's Marching Band in 1911. Yes. 1911. As of this morning I had believed this record to be the oldest record in my collection. As of this afternoon I have since discovered that to be incorrect, and I in fact have at least 3 additional records which are older, from 1909.

    p.s. Calling it a "Victrola VV-IX" is redundant; the VV stands for "Victor Victrola", so it'd be like calling it a "Victrola Victor Victrola IX".

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