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Language is something that has been intertwined with humans for as long as we have existed.
If not for language, we would not be able to communicate with one another, we wouldn't be able to share interests and twitter would probably not exist.

Language takes many shapes and forms, from spoken words to sign language...
but there's one thing all of them have in common – words.

And just like humans, words evolve.

With every generation, comes a change in the way we say things.

There was a time when humans said things like unga bunga


Then came the time when we said doth, thee, thou, eateth and so on.

A normal conversation back then sounded like:

FIRST GUY: greetings thou companion, how wentest thine day?

SECOND GUY: mine day proceedeth well, and thee?

or something like that..

And after that generation, with the rise of smartphones, we had the generation of lol, k, hbdllnp, GM and all that shit.
This was when I understood that humans will always find a way to be lazier.

What's so hard about writing okay, what's k, will the three extra letters kill you?

Anyways, this stupid period had people scampering around to find the meanings of all these acronyms.
It felt like every week there was a new one.
I felt old.
Everyone was using these things except me.
To this day, I still don't know the meaning of "lolz".

What the hell is the 'z' supposed to mean???


But even with all that, it was still miles better than what we have now.

And that's the generation Z slang.

In all my years, I've never seen a generation of people so dedicated to ruining words.

At least in the previous generation, people just used acronyms.
But these gen z people are just ruining actual words.

I'm gen z and I don't even understand what these people are saying half of the time.
I mean what does "out of pocket" mean??
What pocket?!!

but at least something good came out from this,
My frustrations led me to do what I do best... unnecessary research.

Now I know a lot of you are like me, you don't understand what most of these words mean.

So I'm going to help.
My unnecessary research led me to compile a list of popular gen z words and their meanings.

So to all the old souls like me that can't keep up with the nonsense of their own generation, enlarge your eyeballs because it's time for the breakdown.


Now a full disclaimer before I do this, some of these are actual words and some are jargons. For the actual words, I want you to erase every possible dictionary definition you have in your head, cuz the Gen z meaning does not come close at all.

Have you done that?

let's proceed.


1. CAP

This is probably the most popular of them all.
Normally a cap is something you put on your head.
But for Gen z, the meaning couldn't be more different.

When you say cap nowadays, it simply means a lie.

For example,
@starstrings01 will say "I have a girlfriend", and then I'll say "cap".

Because I think he's lying.

So you say cap when someone is lying or you can simply say the person is capping.

2. SUS

If you ever played among us, you'd be familiar with this one.

When this word first came out, it was just a shortened form of suspicious and it was used accordingly so it wasn't too bad.

You just use it when you suspect someone is up to no good.

But somehow gen z found a way to make it weird.

Now sus is used for people who act gay.
For example, when you catch your male friend twerking, you say he's sus.


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Rizz is the newest one on this list.
And it's also the most ridiculous one.

Unlike the first 2, it's not an actual word.

Rizz basically means "game".

and if that's still confusing,
game is used for people that know how to attract other people in a romantic manner.

For example,
Let's say there's guy, now this guy is a cool guy, attractive and girls are always flocking around him.

We'll say "he got that rizz"

People with rizz can make anyone fall for them.
Rizz comes in different forms like unspoken Rizz, calculated Rizz and so on

but the main idea is that the more rizz you have, the more people (especially the opposite gender) like you

4. NPC

NPC stands for Non Playable Character.
Basically, there are 3 categories of characters in a video game.

Your character/characters, the bosses and NPCs.

Now NPCs are basically characters that don't really have an effect on the game. They are characters that just exist to fill in the game.

And gen z people really love this one.

If they feel you're not cool or relevant, they call you an NPC.
If you agree with the popular opinion even though the popular opinion is right, they call you an NPC.
If they think you're weird, they call you an NPC.

Apparently being an NPC is bad so don't be an NPC.


Gen z people have already ruined the word 'daddy'.

They have sexualized it so much that it feels like it was never meant to be used for your father in the first place.

Now you can't call your daddy daddy without feeling awkward.

But they didn't stop there; not only did they ruin the meaning of the word, they also ruined the word itself.

Because what the hell is a zaddy??
If I wasn't on the internet and I heard that word for the first time, I would think it was a weird type of car or something.

I've already promised myself to slap whoever says this near me.



So there you have it folks – or as gen z would say it – fam.

Some of the weirdest gen z words out there, I really hope I've been able to effectively educate you/pollute your brain.

If you want a part 2, lemme know and I'll put myself through the pain of researching on this cringe ass words.

But for now, I need to purge my head by watching anime.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



I'm trying to imagine a little girl refer to her dad as "Zaddy" lol

These abbreviations are successfully killing sentences gradually



I'm cringing just thinking about it😖

These abbreviations are successfully killing sentences gradually

Soon enough, this will be a whole new language 😂😂


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Hehhehe!! I thought I was the only one being confused in the present generation,thanks to God you are here. Like where are we heading to with all this laziness in words? 🤣🤣 Thank you for educating me on some of these z words atleast I can now understand how the society works a bit. I just hope using them won't land me or someone in jail one day

Thou had doneth well by provoking my laughing tank🤣🤣🤣🤣 .